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Let you do it without a spot of edition of set limit to beauty

Sunlight, external environment of erosion, the growth of the age, appear on the skin, and will be pointing in the same results-spot! Each girl talks "spot" color change, what exactly is the method can let have already appeared in the face of the splash disappear? Today he brought you conquer the problem, let you do it without a spot of edition of set limit to beauty.

Daytime light spot whitening essence + massage

First to fade melanin, and can in normal skin care process to join the pale spot link: after cleaning, layer coated moisturizing toner, then select a whitening essence, gently massage long the spotted skin, use make up cotton after with have beautiful white effect bright skin water apply is on the spot. Rest for 5 minutes. 3-5 days with a white mask. Diet don't eat red meat. Pay attention to prevent bask in wet.


In the morning, to choose between the pale spot law that protect skin, must pay attention to prevent bask in. Because of some of the beautiful white product contains composition to be in the ultraviolet ray is destroyed, not only can not reach whitening the pale spot effect, but also can let skin damage.

The night the pale spot DIY "film film"

The night is the perfect skin care and the time at 2:00 p.m to is the fastest stage cell metabolism, that is to say, in this period, skin the self-repairing ability of the strongest, skin care products to the absorption of the sexual best also. So I want to light spot, don't miss evening time.

Can choose to hold concurrently repair effect late frost, when using, tie-in massage technique, a compact tiras effect. Also can use white light spot pen, the pale spot best use pen for film way membrane, brushing make up water, make up cotton has, spots blot out the pale spot essence to cover the before make up cotton, the pale spot the result will be more obvious.


Some ingredients in beautiful white product will control skin grease is secreted, let the skin becomes dry, so do the pale spot care before, must do well moisturizing link. But note here is, moisture essence must be used in after whitening essence. Moisture essence role in the surface layer of skin skin, and whitening essence in the bottom of the skin effect. So right use of whitening essence of the time used up after toner, moisture essence before.

DIY pale spot keep wet noodle film:

· Lemon juice and honey mix both, apply face after 15 minutes, rinse with warm water. Lemon can bleaching, honey can be protected.

· Avocado, cucumber and carrot mix into mud, apply face after 20 minutes, wash it in cold water clean. Carrots contain vitamin A, avocado have healthy fat, can moist, improve skin condition, eggplant, cucumber, can be slow, nourishing.

Finally, the need to remind everybody is, the pale spot effect is not a two weeks can see, because the normal metabolism of skin to 28 days shortest cycle, so we should persevere. As long as we persevere, will let the face of the spots to say with you BYE BYE.

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