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Roll slide point pressure 4 steps to eliminate black rim of the eye

We all know that massage for eye frost's daub absorption are of great help for the convenience of female consumers, many beauty brand will throw in the eye with the patent massage stick, small massage stick you really will use it, quick to study it, give your eye week muscle beautiful add cent!

Massage stick used that way! Rolling, point, pressure, and slide the who wins

Each eye week massage stick looks different, her responsibility also have each different, the editors will open the massage stick throw the fighting skill, let eye ministry of maintenance work force further.

Ready to step: touch

Direct will put the black rim of the eye end massage cream, out of the top cleave weight is just for a deal.

Remove pouch: PM

With good eye frost, tipped with massage stick the skin, the finger may pull eye week skin probability to a minimum.

Remove pouch: slip

Use massage stick close to the skin front, the eye head slip to eye end, massage and eye week respectively.

Remove pouch: roll

Vertical take on weeks massage stick, make a rolling along the end at the moment, promote eye week cycle.

Eliminate pouch black rim of the eye: the pressure

Use round end light pressure eye week acupuncture points, can activate eye week blood circulation, reduce intraocular pressure.

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