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Convergence pore 4 steps

Convergence pore without you imagination of so difficult! Daily care as long as to notice the 4 points, can easily have the bean curd muscle.

botanical slimming soft gel1, do the daily discharge makeup and cleaning, regular dispel the face cutin. Clean, can use first discharge makeup milk or discharge makeup oil into the palm, do not need and water, some in the face, gently pushed to whole face; Garnish with grandma cleaning once, so can remove the oil and dirt, even all the deep pore to clean and relaxed, achieve complete clean effect.

2, emergency ice, use make up cotton wet ice had to make up water, apply is on the face or pore bulky place, can have good convergence effect.

3, every day with cold, hot water is washing a face alternately to pore contracts and keep skin flexibility good method.

4, replenish water, improve the humidity and corneous layer resistance, can replenish skin moisture, make skin organization structure full of flexibility.

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