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Eight strokes of the right to eat and drink two weeks of weight loss effective

1,To postpone the dinner to ensure that the night is no longer eating

A lot of girls will be surprised: ah? Postponement of the dinner not say put dinner time in advance? Indeed, eat dinner too late may not conducive to digestion, so that accumulation of fat.

But I am sure you have this experience, every day after dinner, the night will always feel hungry, always will be a snack or even supper, so often more calories and are not easily absorbed.

Appropriate to postpone the dinner is necessary, which would allow you at night no longer have the hunger, to ensure the night is no longer eating.

2, A meal, do not watch TV to avoid excessive intake of calories

Do not eat when watching TV or playing computer, because it will distract you, so you unknowingly eating more food, and will affect your digestive system, so that the hoarding of food in your body.

In addition do not usually watch TV, computer around putting small snacks that will make you unconsciously eat a lot of high-calorie foods.

If you can, watch less snacks advertising, studies show that, whether adult or child, read snack ads will have the desire to eat, and the intake of many.

3, Aware of their intake away from processed foods

Some people like to eat jam or vegetables made ​​into a paste, in fact, these will let you eat a lot of things without the knowledge of.

Mushy food you do not know its real amount is, sometimes you feel not how much to eat, but most likely you have been eating double the amount usually dine, so usually eat to try to choose fresh food .

And a class of foods like jams are generally added sugar, processed foods which contain additives, which will allow your body to the accumulation of excess fat.

If the usual party when you only love on a two drinks, then it might as well go looking for some new drinks to try some new experience.

Of course, can not let you lean down to try different drinks, but it can distract your attention from the food.

Just think, if your time is spent looking for new drinks, enjoy the new taste, they have time to pay attention to what food is?

Fun to find a new favorite, you enjoy the party process, but also avoids the excessive intake of food, why not?

4, Honey lemonade clear gastrointestinal absorption of fat

Morning, honey lemonade can drink a cup warmer, so that their own refreshing, pleasant start a new day, can also get a magic weight-loss effect.

A teaspoon of honey, and two of lemon in the cup, then add boiling water, taking a dip in a few minutes, the temperature until the water is drinkable.

Honey lemonade can promote the body metabolism, and expel toxins from the body, but also can absorb excess body fat, just two weeks you can see the magic slimming effect!

5, The magic horse beans burn fat fast

Horse beans, lentils from India, known as the savior of the obese, because it can quickly burn fat, promote digestion, speed up the metabolism.

Horse beans boiled soft as meal consumption, but also can be made into dishes, horse beans soft waxy waxy, with a sweet taste, very tasty, very suitable for weight loss.

6, 3 pears a day to help you create a devil figure

The pear is a very low heat a fruit, it also has large amounts of water can give you a strong feeling of fullness, thereby reducing your food intake.

A pears before eating three meals a day can make your meal eat very little, and not feel hungry, and pears detoxification Run gastrointestinal effects, can rid the body of waste, so that your body without the burden.

When you are hungry or greedy to eat a pear, both to meet the desire to eat non-fat intake. Adhere to two weeks, you can see significant results.

7, Before meals and a glass of grapefruit juice weight loss beauty efficacy

Acidic substances in grapefruit can help increase digestive juice to promote digestion and nutrition is also easily absorbed, it is important to its sugary less, not only will not let you calorie intake, but also can help you burn body heat, dissolve fat.

Grapefruit juice is also a compact face-lift and the big hero, but also to the Oil Control Acne!

Should be noted that grapefruit juice should be half an hour before eating, this will play a very good effect.

8,Eat kelp, weight loss hair care and beauty

Kelp is very healthy and conducive to physical food, with more effect.

Kelp is very low fat content, calories, not a burden on the body, while it contains a lot of dietary fiber, obesity can increase satiety, but also can promote metabolism, lipid-lowering cured manure.

In addition, seaweed contains very rich in iodine, can make hair shiny and beauty of kelp juice, bath with kelp boiled soup, you can moisturize the skin, the skin fresh, smooth, smooth and beautiful.

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