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Many products for UV protection is not perfect

Array of sunscreen products, many products are labeled with a high SPF value, it is true SPF is a measure of sunscreen and sun is one of the most intuitive indicator. But only by SPF sunscreen products can not be elected to good effect products.

Sunscreen on behalf of ingredients: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide

Component advantages: The main reason of physical sunscreen works is that physical sunscreens can block and UV reflectivity. Thus play a protective role. Which zinc oxide is not only can effectively block ultraviolet rays, as well as a sedative, anti-inflammatory role, is a very good ingredients for sensitive skin, acne skin.

Moreover, the physical sunscreen is not easy to clog the pores, can effectively reduce the burden of the skin. In addition, the pure physical sunscreen products usually have a certain polish efficacy. This is also the product composition determined.

Lethal: While physical sunscreens for sensitive skin, but because of the physical sunscreen ingredients only zinc oxide and titanium oxide, these two components used in conjunction, can be protective about 380nm of UV.

Although the broad-spectrum sunscreen is also considered, but because of two sunscreen particles, when applied there may be a certain uneven, causing the sun has some of the dead.

Chemical sunscreen: Apply very easy, but there will be burden.

Sunscreen on behalf of Ingredients: OMC (cinnamon salts), Avobenzone, Mai Ning Central

Composition of advantages: chemical sunscreens compared to the biggest advantages of physical sunscreens is easier to spread evenly, does not produce white printed, painted face and other issues. At the same time a variety of chemical sunscreens with each other, synergy, the whole band protective skin to harmful ultraviolet rays.

Where OMC is now very common UVB protectants. Avobenzone is a common chemical protective UVA sunscreen. Mak So Ning ring to be regarded as one of the excellent protective agent in the present. Full band for UVA protection.

Of mass destruction: chemical sunscreen is not prone to dead ends, but may increase the burden on the skin. Therefore, most sunscreen manufacturers will use a variety of ways to reduce the permeability of chemical sunscreen blocking infiltration.

In addition, the chemical sunscreens may cause clogging of the pores, in the use of sunscreens containing chemical sunscreen of high SPF waterproof and sweat every night must remember obediently remover. In order to avoid skin problems.

Physics + Chemistry: The sun is the most comprehensive

On behalf of the ingredients: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide + chemical sunscreens

Composition of advantages: such products are more common in the Japanese brands of sunscreen during use, with good spreadability, easy to apply evenly, to make up for the dead space of the physical sun protection and is prone to a lack of "painted face", while not like the pure chemical sunscreen as too greasy.

Of mass destruction: still using chemical sunscreen ingredients, the skin still has a certain burden. Some brands in order to pursue the degree of use of fresh, specially add a higher concentration of alcohol, allergic to alcohol MM in the process of buying, be sure to carefully look at the composition of the product table, if the alcohol content is very front, it is necessary to carefully consider .

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