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Pore bulky how to do?

The temperature soaring, oil skin the trouble of the season at girls eye is coming, bulky pore is playing like a sun of high temperature of the charges. How can you love to rough pore destroyed the presentation, quick to follow the "hole" elite rough pore stopped!

Oil skin girls all day pore early oil and dirt filling a log, if not to thoroughly remove clean, the greater the pores natural support.

The clean face product can meet the average daily skin clean, but for oil skin girl slightly shortage, collocation of the weekly deep-seated cleanness, fill the deep clean dredge not dirt is on the policy.

Clean face film is more mud and water tore type, but to ensure that mask a thick coating on skin, can completely covering pore is basic dosage, lack of natural effect is not obvious.

Many girls like to use hot water, wash your face, feel hot water after washing skin more relaxed. Have to admit that the hot water cleaning oil to stronger, but only remove the skin surface oil pollution, not a clean pore dirt effect. But the long-term use of hot water, can let the muscle blood capillary repeated expansion, speed up flabby, relaxation type pore is assured.

So no hot water and cold water and how?

Experience tells us cold water after cleaning the skin appears very compact and pore also small many. But it is difficult to thoroughly clean face to taste cold water to melt away, and the clean face product is thick residual pore potential evil. Although the cold water can make pore temporarily contraction, but also significantly reduces the skin to absorb nutrients.

We all know that rough pore is essentially excess skin grease guide, so filling water + inhibit oily cent is take temporary solution and the fundamental method.

We recommend make up water wet apply method, : after cleansing and lotion use protect wet model make up water soak cotton piece in the oil to apply the T area and cheek positional, 5 minutes will take. Use make up water wet apply for the skin fully supplement and adjust the water oil balance, you will find that the follow-up maintain article not only easily absorb, and the oil situation was obviously improved.

Many people believe in convergence to contractive pore water the breathtaking effect. In fact convergence is only temporary water rigid cutin, have closed pore effect, but only for a few hours, so you will find that morning with only the convergence of water, by noon the rough pore and go on the face.

If you don't want to top the big pore took to the streets to be seen, segregation frost, BB frost is a good choice, but don't looped daub, lest pore is colour makeup article malignant hold big, gently press can better cover let people embarrassed of rough pores.

And remember that no matter how to also want to use professional discharge makeup product unloaded colour makeup dirt. Remain in pore internal colour makeup dirt absolutely not is good thing. Here also don't recommend the so-called makeup and cleansing kandy, art has specialize in, although the two products more convenient, but it always some not to feel at ease.

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