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Will eat honey can put to 11 kind of common disease

Honey, a lot of people have, but how many people can stick to drink? Drinking honey what good? Actually has a few little trouble, such as dry them, constipation, eyes dry and menorrhagia, can try drinking honey.

Indications: dry them.

With pear steamed water, then add about 2 tablespoons honey, can achieve the effect of embellish lung dryness; Or with silver agaric stew, and adding suitable amount of honey can also cough runfei.

Indications: constipation.

With 50-100 g rice, banana 200 grams, honey right amount. Will the rice congee, join cut into small sections of bananas, and then add in the honey, to cool, and then eat, can embellish aperient bowel.

Indications: high blood pressure.

With fresh celery 100-150 grams, honey right amount. Will wash dao lousy take celery juice, add honey to braise. A daily aspirin can effectively decrease blood pressure.

Remind: honey is a natural food, taste sweet, with simple sugars, do not need to digesting can be absorbed by human body, to young women, especially the old man is more good health care function, thus called "old man's milk." But four cases is unfavorable take...

Indications: coronary heart disease.

Salvia miltiorrhiza 10 grams, the first 10 grams, water frying take juice, blunt honey 1-2 tablespoons take orally, the treatment of coronary heart disease have help.

Indications: low resistance.

Wake up in the morning and night before sleeping, when drinking milk to join a small spoon honey, can rise to resist fatigue, strengthen the immune system effect; Or with the ganoderma lucidum 10 grams Fried after water, take juice add honey also can have the effect of the immune system, especially suitable for cancer patients after surgery eat; In addition, the use of ginseng bubble water, add 1 spoon honey, can benefit spirit fill gas.

Indications: dry eyes.

With 3 g and chrysanthemum Chinese wolfberry 10 grams, both a bubble of water, add 2 tablespoons honey, can raise bright eye, liver and kidney.

Indications: menorrhagia.

With right amount add honey red jujube congee, can have the effect of blood enriching yiqi.

Indications: chronic pharyngitis.

Ophiopogon japonicus 10 grams, balloonflower 10 grams, liquorice 3 g bubble of water, add honey, to alleviate chronic pharyngitis help.

Indications: back pain kidney.

With walnut five, honey 2 tablespoons, will add water to boil the walnuts 15 minutes, add honey filling kidney brain; Or will the walnut oil fry yellow, then add in eggs, add honey, also can achieve the same effect.

Indications: beauty nourish your skin.

Use honey and bird's nest together Fried water to drink, can achieve hairdressing to raise colour effect; In addition, use honey and other foods such as fruit of the vine, etc do together face film also can obtain very good hairdressing effect.

Indications: QiZao upset.

Lily of 100 grams, with 100 g japonica rice congee, then add the honey, and in the night before sleeping to drink, can "sichong; Or with roses bubble of water, add honey, can easy liver yiqi, mood.

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