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Woman muscle not lean to lose weight need to practice muscle

It comes to strength training, many women think it is a man thing. In fact, bodybuilders effect really is not an easy thing to achieve. The female body to promote muscle growth hormone content is much lower than that of men, so women do not strength training and burly.

Young women lean body weight lower (lean body mass = total body weight - fat weight), the content of the muscles of the body is less and less difference between the upper and lower limbs and back strength, the hand can not be mentioned, the legs can pedal easily back pain. Although we live in the era of manual labor to earn a living without the heavy load, but a certain amount of muscle mass to carry out normal work and life, maintaining upright posture, complete the historical mission to nurture future generations to prevent a variety of bone and joint pain. maintaining good health is essential.

For those women who are particularly concerned about the size, keep in mind to lose weight, increase muscle mass weight loss can play a multiplier. Because the human body muscle is the largest organization of the consumption of energy, muscle content, the higher the person's basal metabolic rate will be higher. Improve the content of the muscles of the body will make you burn more fat at rest. If you want to reduce fat, which is particularly important because 80% of the calories are physically consumed in a day's rest. For each additional one kilogram of muscle, every day will burn 30 calories. This means that 11,000 kcal per year or 1.5 kg of fat. Ten years would be 15 kg of pure fat. Therefore, more and more people of the same body weight, muscle content, energy consumption is also more in the same diet, less fat. It was dubbed "the muscle more than go to bed can lose weight". In addition, the same weight, the high content of lean body looks slim, because 20% of the volume of fat than muscle. And thought the power of the muscles will be firmer, the skin will be more tight. You can thin waist and hip, to bid farewell to the "butterfly sleeves, body appearance will become better.

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