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18 kinds of food make you hot lower body

The happiest thing than eating delicious and lose fat, you may have eaten tired of the monotony of the diet food, may have hated all day surrounded by fruits and vegetables, it may wish to try some weight loss remedies below,promise to bring the most wonderful thing to enjoy the weight-loss experience.

1, seaweed

Seaweed rich in vitamins A, B1 and B2, the most important thing is that it contains a wealth of fiber and minerals, can help rule out the waste and the accumulation of moisture within the body, so as to achieve the effect of the stovepipe.

2, sesame

Sesame is rich in oleic acid, can remove attached to the cholesterol in the blood vessels, improve metabolism and microcirculation, slimming waist is much easier.

3, banana

Banana although high calorie, but very low fat, and rich in potassium, both stomachs and low-fat, can reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, is the ideal food for weight loss.

4, Apple

Apple with unique malic acid, can accelerate metabolism, reduce lower body fat and contain calcium-rich than the other fruits, can reduce the salt content is lower body edema.

5, red beans

Acid composition of red beans contained in the stone base to increase peristalsis of the colon and promote urination and reduce constipation and to clear the lower body fat.

6, papaya

Unique proteolytic enzymes in papaya, you can clear the Meat and accumulate in the lower body fat, and the pectin contained in papaya flesh is excellent colonic cleansing agent to reduce the accumulation of waste in the lower body.

7, watermelon

It is a diuretic in the fruit of the "experts", and eating can reduce the excess water in the body, and itself is not much sugar, eat and not gain weight.

8, and bamboo shoots

Fat, sugar, bamboo shoots and more crude fiber prevents constipation, gastric ulcer who do not eat.

9, grapefruit

Grapefruit calories is very low, and will not eat obesity, but also rich in potassium, help to reduce the accumulation of body fat and water.

10, konjac

The konjac completely free of fat and delicious, but also slimming will eat things. Its rich plant fiber can make the lower part of the body's lymphatic smooth cellulite to prevent leg swelling. This magical, like food, the good name of the body "scavenger" to absorb and remove toxins is quite strong.

11, spinach

Because it can promote blood circulation, this will make the distance from the heart of the longest pair of legs can absorb enough nutrients, balance the metabolism, detoxification role of the stovepipe.

12, celery

Celery contains a lot of calcium on the one hand, can make up the leg muscles, on the other hand contains potassium can reduce the accumulation of lower body of water.

13, peanuts

Peanuts contain very rich in vitamin B2 and nicotinic acid, on the one hand, to bring high-quality protein, flesh fat Secondly, you can also eliminate lower body fat fat.

14, kiwi

Also known as: kiwi fruit, in addition to vitamin C are its strengths, its fiber is also very rich. It can increase the speed to break down fat, avoid leg to accumulate too much fat.

15, pineapple

The pineapple is rich in proteolytic enzymes, can break down the fish, meat, suitable for eating after eating dinner.

16, eggs

Eggs within the vitamin B2 helps to remove fat; In addition, it contains niacin and vitamin B1 and removal of the lower body fat.

17, dried tangerine peel

18, tomatoes

Eat fresh tomatoes can be diuretic and to exclude leg fatigue, reduce edema, if eaten raw, the better.

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