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Sling success reducing abdomen flesh

[reading] Day XiaoDu pieces first aid, teach you a small make up now receive an abdomen exercise, diet in two hours after, not only help you eat too much greasy food in the stomach caused, also can thin waist and abdomen belly, is that, you XiaoDu pieces after emergency small coup!

Step 1. Leaned over to accept stomach exercise

1, his legs and approach knees kneel ground, ham and crus into 90 degrees right Angle, toes hold to, upper body and forward, the two arms unbend, palm touchdown supports the body, waist and abdomen and coxal muscle tightened, make upper body and ground balance, head down.

2, hip slowly to the upper part is raised, double leg then made straight, and the sole of the foot even touchdown, upper body and two arms into line, make whole body and ground form a right triangle.

3, side side of the right leg back in kicking up above raise, knee and elbow remain stretched straight, make the right leg and upper body and arms into a straight line.

4, breathe out slowly, the buttocks to sink, upper body forward and restore balance to the ground pulled the posture, left leg tensile, two shoulders bending again, right leg forward your knees and fold in the chest. Then again expiratory, will raise right leg, hip Yang, around each do 5 times.

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