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Summer hair removal

[reading] Come summer, hair removal of problem again to put the agenda. If you hair removal then found abnormal hair follicles, hair grows not to come out, in pore leave a dark "sting"; Or can see very short hairs package curled up in the hair follicle, may not lead to internal hair is hair removal.

What is the inside?

Endogenous refers to the hair be cutin and cannot long buried in the skin surface, and then poured a thorn hair into the skin or along the lower epidermal growth, and may have happened with hair follicle inflammation present the swell of red a knot in one's heart.

Because hair follicle by external stimuli (such as not correct hair removal methods), hair follicles of the hair to grow in the direction of the opposite or wrong, this is the inside. Common in the hair removal of after skin, the skin is more soft parts particularly vulnerable to, such as the leg. The inside is indecent, and if in sensitive areas long is a painful things out, if you have the habit of hair removal in summer, then need to pay attention to prevent the germinal within oh oh oh oh.

How to avoid the inside? We've invited beeswax hair removal experts teach us a few action.

The best way to avoid the inside?

With massage bath brush dry brush, specific can reference "I want to smooth the practical tools to help you back! The whole body to dead skin". This will remove dead skin and not the skin, make hair grow normally.

In order to avoid the inside, hair removal of hair at least need how long before?

Hair removal of the hair before at least should have 6 mm long, or hair removal time want interval at least 3-4 weeks or so, must not pass a razor, blow will only take you back to archetype, let you like never hair removal.

The general is easy to appear within in which part?

Easy to rub on the skin place most prone to the inside, such as often and trousers of friction on the other side of the legs, underwear part will also have the same problem, friction will stimulate a hair to hair follicles to take off, leading to the hair to grow within.

Hair removal how to prevent the hair to grow in?

Hair removal to avoid friction stimulus, such as a bikini site, hair removal 2-3 days to wear a bikini or t-shaped pants, also can be used to relieve cream to slow down stimulus, accelerate the hair follicle returned to normal.

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