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Summer throw off the sweat smell

Favorite perfume, regardless of the seasonal changes, there is always hope at all to use. However, the aroma but the change of season or weather, so the important concepts of the use of perfumes is "not with a bottle in the end". Let us share summer Hong skills!

Sports beauty to the pleasant fragrance

Temperature is high flavor and thick, low temperature and taste would not be so concentrated. In addition, high humidity, the flavor is easier to residual low temperature, volatile flavor faster.

If you consider these factors, strong activity in the summer for a citrus scent, green fragrance or a sweetness more convergent composite floral fragrance. Department of green fragrance reveals a fresh and woody notes, is also suitable for outdoor sports in the summer.

Perfume tips exercise

If you exercise, it is recommended that do not smear too much.

Outdoor sports, it is best not painted on skin exposed to sunlight perfume, perfumes contain alcohol, the chemical action of the sun and alcohol may cause skin irritation, and even sunburn.

Summer perfume also need to pay attention

Summer perfume also need to pay attention to, easy to leave spots on the clothes do not spray directly on the perfume. Senior spices, natural raw materials itself is a deep brown or yellow like color. After the alcohol evaporates, the spots left on your clothes is the spice of color to spray the perfume on clothes must pay attention to the residual spots.

Once you make the clothes residual spots, it is necessary as soon as possible deal with a dry towel, put the clothes inside, and then a piece of cloth stained with disinfection with an alcohol pad Gently tap on the spot. The perfume is not soluble in water, so the panic of water or soap and rub indelible.

With alcohol indelible, or spots of residual period of time, as soon as possible to the laundry. Senior clothing, it is best found immediately asked experts to deal with.

Outdoor sports and shopping are easy to sweat, sweat and perfume mixed together will always be people at arm's length, suggested the use of alcohol, perfume or sports perfume.

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