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Have Meal For Hara Hachi Bu Can Extend One's Lifetime

" Have a good breakfast, have a full lunch and have less at supper" once was many people's health dietary way. However, office worker nowadays always have their breakfast in a hurry and have fast food for lunch and have a make-up supper since their work is too busy. People are easy to have too much especially when engaged in social activities and have no idea that having too much for supper may cause all kinds of disease or hidden risk for their body.
Make-up dinner is popular among office workers
You cannot get up in the morning and pick a waffle in the dusty street as breakfast in a hurry; you pick up a fast-food menu and call a fast-food which arrives at half an hour; you go to a party in the evening and have a quite full supper since the supper won't end until nine o'clock----this is the dining life of a white-collar. Many office worker are like this and will have a make-up dinner even if there is no date. Some management personnel in a foreign enterprise said that" i always have a informal breakfast and lunch and both the health and the nutrition can not reach standard, therefore i choose to make up at dinner."
Since the office worker do not have enough time to have a good lunch and if there is a date, it will affect the afternoon work if they had alcohol. Therefore, lunch that should be important is been transferred to the the supper and so the make-up dinner becomes popular.
Have Hara hachi bu can extend your lifetime
There is an experiment in U.S. Proves that if the rat can reduce their weight for 30% everyday, they will extend their life 30%. And as for human being, it will hurt for two generations if they always get too full when they are young. There is another research in Australia concludes later that: if people always keeps two percent hungry ,their life can be extended by 20% to 30%.
And nowadays, people not only have dinner late and most people cannot stay at 80% full. The doctor says that if we have every meals quite full and too nutritious, we will have a series of problems as the body is working overloaded. And being fat is high on the list since people nowadays have too much food with high fat and high protein which are very difficult to digest. These redundant "nutrition" will accumulate in the body and makes your body fat and a series of rich man's disease. The doctor highlights that: " thousands of science prove that obesity will bring along cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, arteriosclerosis, and cholecystitis, etc, along with the complication comes along which may reach hundreds of disease."
In addition, there is study shows that urinary stone is related to having dinner too late. This is because the main composition of urinary stone is calcium and the calcium in the food is partly absorbed by the intestinal wall and the rest is coming out of the urine. People always go to bed directly with dinner too late, and so the urine that forms after dinner will be blocked in the urinary tract and then the calcium content in the urine increases slowly and then forms the urinary stone.
Meal with fruit vinegar can prevent fat from accumulating
The expert says that supper is best at six o'clock and do not have anything after ten o'clock. Meanwhile, the best way to be hara hachi bu is to chew your food carefully and swallow slowly. " if you have food too fast, you may have had too much before the brain got the news that you are full".
For people who are always engaged in social activities and have a feast, you had better have more salad and roughage because fiber can quicker the feeling of full , such as soy bean products and konjac and so on. You also can choose fruit vinegar to together with your meal. It is said that acetic acid in the fruit vinegar can regulate the acidity of the gastric juice and protect the gastric mucosa. The traditional Chinese medicine thinks that vinegar can " appetizing, resolving food stagnancy and nourishing the liver" and the acetic acid is beneficial to turn sugar and fat into energy and prevent from accumulating too much fat in the body, soften the blood vessels, reduce the content of cholesterol in the blood. While the organic acid can maintain the balance and stability of the environment PH in the human body which is more benefit than other beverage that containing too much sugar.

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