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Having Three Kinds Of Food Can Prevent Women From Gynecopathy

Vegetables not only contains a lot of nutrients, but also can prevent women from gynecopathy.
Garlic can prevent monilil or mycotic vginitis
Women who always have garlic can prevent from having monilil or mycotic vginitis since there are lots of material like allicin in it which has strong effect of killing bacteria and inhibit the over growth and reproduction of candida alnicans in vagina.
Red vegetables and fruits can prevent gynecological oncology
Red vegetables and fruits like red apple and red pepper are rich in some kind of natural plant chemical elements which can inhibit the growth of some gynecological oncology cells as well as lower the reaction toward estrogen and so it has the effect of preventing from gynecological oncology. In addition, vegetables and fruits like onion and purple grape also has similar effects.
Whole food and seaweed can prevent mastopathy
According to a research, if women of childbearing age have more whole food which can keep the estrogen balance in blood circulation to avoid causing mastopathy because of high level estrogen.
There are a lot of iodine in seaweed which stimulate the anterior pituitary secreting luteinizing hormone so that can promote the ovarian follicle luteinization and lower the level of estrogen in human body.

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