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Having Too Much Tea May Increase the Risk of Adenocarcinoma

Multiple researches prove that having tea can reduce the risk of having heart disease , diabetes and cancer. However, according to the report of June 8 in UK Daily Mail, magazine Nutrition and Cancer published a latest study from University of Glasgow and says that having too much tea may increase the risk of having prostate cancer for man.
This research started from 1970 and has conducted a series of tracking survey on the condition of 6000 men aged between 21 to 75 years old. And the result showed that in comparison with those men who have less than three cups of tea everyday, the risk of having prostate cancer for men who have more than seven cups of tea is50% higher.
The conductor also found out that participants who have much tea always do not drink and have a healthy lifestyle, so the risk of having other disease is much lower while the risk of having prostate cancer is much higher. Doctor Katie Holmes , the person in charge of Prostate Cancer Charity Organization of UK said that, this research needs further study and then get a more specific conclusion since the research did not consider factors like family history and diet.

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