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How to Maintain Health by Sweating

In July and August, people are always with profuse perspiration and many people try all means to stop it and thought that this is spending a cool summer. However they have no idea that appropriate perspiration is necessary in summer to keep one's health.
Perspiration is the natural maintainer for human body, if you always force it to stay in your body, the body circulation will be affected and the endocrine will be blocked. However, perspiration is a health course that needs to be solved with wise method.
Getting heat naturally from the knees
According to many media, you have to keep away from the air-condition. It is difficult for you to do that since you have to go in an out of office building and it is unavoidable for you to not contact air-condition. It is difficult to sweat, but we can choose high technology method to stimulate body joint to heat.
Do as: choose a knee pad that can let your body heat itself through anion far-infrared heat which can go deeply into your body and then dissolve some bad material like lipid peroxide and expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation, vitalize cells and regulate nerves through sweating. Also,people won't feel hot even if it is sweating and heating inside the body, so you can enjoy your cool summer.
" Exercise reversely" will promote sweating
If you want to sweat appropriately, try " reverse exercise". This is first put forward by a Germany scientist and has become the first choice for healthy family exercise in western countries. But in the " reverse exercise", walking backward is the most suitable way to let the body sweat through negative thinking to regulate the perspiration system of body.
Do as: walk backward every morning at 7 o'clock in your community. Specific way: move your body and warm your body before walk backward. Then tighten your arms and then swing them as you walk backward to activate your body and engender heat to sweat. Here is one thing you need to notice, you have to pay attention to the situation behind you in case that you may fall down. Walk 15 minutes every morning is the best.
Walk in the sun at the best time
Sunshine in summer is the best "active agent" for sweating and there are lots of vitamin D in the sunshine which can help absorb calcium. Of course, you don't need to make yourself black which means you should control the time.
Do as : the best time is between 6 o'clock and 10 o'clock in the morning and 4 o'clock and 6 o'clock in the afternoon and do it for 15 minutes everyday. Sunshine in these two periods are warm and not too strong and the pollution volume in the air is the lowest. Why not pick a period and go out your room and take a walk in the sunshine which will activate your energy and stimulate the perspiration in your body. You will feel quite comfortable after the walk.

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