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It is easier to become presbyopia for woman than man

The distance between your eyes and book or computer is more close, the more damage to eyes will be. According to Daily Mail report on June 24, Investigative Ophthalmology& Visual Science published a latest research from UCLA and it says that women like to get close to the book when they are reading which is more harmful to the eyes.
According to the latest research, the age that female have glasses is earlier than male. The researcher says that there is no difference between female and male in close ranee focusing which means there are some other factors that cause female wearing reading glasses earlier than male. One of the reasons is that female has shorter arms than male and the distance is closer between book and eyes when reading and so the female will have eye problems like blurred vision earlier.
The researcher has conducted some research on presbyopia which is more common after 40 years old and the lens will be hardening and thickening as time goes by. Also the adjust function of eye muscle will decline which may cause the zoom ability lower and cannot see things clearly and then needs to wear glasses to read a book or look something close.
Therefore, female should prevent and relieve presbyopia early. For example, choose a farthest object to overlook and then look at it for ten minutes without moving; blank as much as possible for 15 times every time; do eye exercises and move your eyeballs to strengthen your eye muscle so as to delay aging. In addition, keep a suitable distance between you and book or television and do not read or watch for too long which also can prevent from eyestrain and premature blurred vision.

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