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The Dietary Habits of Dietitian

I always share some knowledge about nutrition and health in health talks because i know it is difficult for people to resist the temptation of delicious food. However, i want to talk about what kind of dietary habit is good and healthy. Many people asked about how do i keep may figure. I have three habits in my daily life:
Have three "one" less everyday. Have less main meals which equals to two corns; have less meat; have less oil.
I am not fat, therefore , sometimes i cannot strictly follow that. However, i do have less salt and i like eating dishes with special flavor, such as tomato, onion, pepper. I prefer to add more tomato jar, lemon juice, apple vinegar and so on into the dishes and i would choose to put more vinegar and less soy sauce.
I have a little tip for cooking: do not add soy sauce when cooking but put soy sauce in a small dish and when you are eating, dip into it. In this way, the absorption of salt will be 70% less. The biggest problem of Chinese people is that we eat too much pork which contains too much fat. I also have meat but only with lean meat and i will choose fish and shrimp first and next comes the chicken and duck without skin and pork,beef, mutton are the last choice.
I only have plain boiled water and i rarely have liquid with colors. I rarely have coffee even if i am exhausted because caffeine can stimulate nerves exciting and it is free of calcium. Milk is a good stuff but do not have it with empty stomach and do not have over 5.5 kilograms because if you have milk as if it was water, you will get hypercalciuria. Besides, pearl milky tea does not have milk and it is blended. Do not drink peanut yogurt and have original yogurt.
You need to grasp the key point of having plain boiled water. First of all, having water with preventability which means you had better have water in some certain time and do not have until you are thirst. Secondly, do not drink 500 ml water at a time. Fast drinking may not suffice all the cells that lack of water and you should have water slowly from 200ml to 500 ml. At last, i will pay special attention to it during two periods: i will prepare a glass of water in my beside table after you get up and before you go to bed.
Walk as much as possible. Two to three times of exercise everyday is necessary and you will sweat from time to time. For example, walk quickly for 40 minutes and insist on for three months and this method is called in foreign countries as micro-sweating.
There are three types of exercise: 1. Endurance cardio funk ,such as walk fast, riding, swimming and climbing that are advocated by us for both the elder , the middle age and the young.2 setting-up exercises to music and health exercises. 3.ball games like table tennis is very suitable for both the elder and the middle-aged person.
Since we are all very busy nowadays, why not try my method: do not ride if you can walk, do not take elevator if you can take stairs. This can be summarized as four words " exercise more and eat less" and consume more energy and reduce absorption.

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