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Too Strong Air-conditioning May Cause Apoplexy

Experts interviewed: Wu Zhibing, director of encephalopathy in the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Traditional Medicine
Some people think that apoplexy happens in cold days and it is ok in hot days. Actually, this is wrong and scorching weather is the high-occurrence season of apoplexy. Therefore, you can never ignore this. According to a research, the incidence of apoplexy is 66% higher when the temperature reaches 32 centigrade than usual. And will be more dangerous than usual as the temperature goes up.
Rest bad and large temperature difference are the incentives
Why high temperature weather also causes cerebral apoplexy? Wu Zhibing, the director of encephalopathy in the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Traditional Medicine explains that it is because that many people did not have enough sleep in comparison with winter in summer due to the hot weather. These factors includes various night life and bad weather and not willing to go to bed early. When someone do not have a good rest and he has hypertension, it is very easy to cause the fluctuation of blood pressure.; for people who have problems with their blood vessels or anteriosclerosis or there is plaque in tunica intima, their blood vessels condition also changes easily. All these factors may induce cerebral apoplexy.
In addition, most families will open the air-condition and with a low temperature when the weather is hot which may cause large temperature difference inside and outside ,or even between different rooms. When people coming in and out of the areas with different temperatures, this kind of hot and cold will cause the blood vessels expansion and contraction which will induce cerebral apoplexy.
Human body removes it heat by sweating in hot weather, and lots of perspiration will consume body fluid seriously and the blood will concentrate, the blood volume will lower, the blood flow will be slower if you do not supplement water in time or lack of water and finally forms the thrombus. If the thrombus blocked the cephalic artery of the brain, the brain will be Ischemic stroke.
Air-condition with appropriate temperature and do not get up suddenly
How to prevent in hot summer for those high risk group of cerebral apoplexy?
According to Wu Zhibing, high risk group of cerebral apoplexy includes those who has hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, heart disease and those who like smoking and drinking. The key point of prevention is to control high risk factors, for example, hypertension patients had better take antihypertensive drugs with long-term effect to avoid the blood pressure being up and own which is more harmful to the blood vessels than hypertension. In summer, diabetes patients should control blood sugar to avoid the blood sugar going up and down since we will have much more fruits and drinks in summer than in other seasons. For those people who have cardiovascular disease, they had better not get up suddenly after your awake, you should sit silently in bed for a few minutes and then get up slowly. Beside, these high risk group cannot stay up and be too tired. You had better live regularly which is an important aspect of prevention.
Do not miss the 4.5 golden hours
According to Wu Zhibing, ischemic stroke (cerebral infarction) accounts 60% to 80% for all the cerebral apoplexy. At present, the field of medicine reaches consensus that thrombolysis is the first choice to cure ischemic stroke and the best time for doing thrombolysis is within the "4.5 golden hours" and the earlier the better. It is not appropriate to take thrombolysis after 6 hour or especially 12 hours because if you still take thrombolysis now you may kill the patient since thrombolysis brings huge risk of cerebral hemorrhage.
Therefore, it is quite important to recognize cerebral apoplexy when it happens. According to Wu Zhibing, different people may have different symptoms and it depends on the brain parts that get hurt and the severity of the injury. Stroke may make the patient suddenly feel week and feeble, or out of conscious, or can not talk, or can't see things , or can not walk. The feature of cerebral apoplexy is that it is acute and sudden and it is not cerebral apoplexy if it comes slowly and continues for several days or even several months to get worse.
Wu Zhibing reminds that, you should carry the patient to the hospital immediately when these symptoms occur and never have the thought that " have a rest and maybe it will be better" because you may miss the golden 4.5 hours for saving his life if it is cerebral apoplexy.
Tips: " FAST" method to judge if it is cerebral apoplexy
How to judge wether it is cerebral apoplexy or nor if someone falls down suddenly? You can judge it by following means:
F means face, you can ask the patient to smile and see his face if his mouth is ok because the cerebral apoplexy patient will have asymmetric expression; A means arm, ask the patient to hold his hands and see if he is weak and feeble; S means speech, ask the patient to repeat a sentence and see if he has trouble doing that or is inarticulacy; T means time, remember the time when it happens and sent him to the hospital immediately.
There is another tip, that is ask him to stretch out his tongue and see if his tongue curves or deviates which also are the symptom of cerebral apoplexy.

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