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Two Yuga Movements that Protect Your Uterus

There is no need to say that the uterus is quite important to female. However, there are some female who have bad habits like dirty sexual life, sex indulgence, having sex with several men, etc which may cause disease such as cervical erosion, endometritis and so on that hurts the uterus or even cause infertility. Therefore, besides paying attention to personal habits, you should do something else like yoga to protect your uterus.
According to the expert, yoga can balance uterine metabolism and promote uterine blood circulation and prevent from uterine infertility. For example, squat, lynx and so on which enhance uterine function and protect ovary. Meanwhile, this movements can promote secretion of estrogen which delay aging and keep youth. Insisting on doing correct yoga with smooth breath will activate spines.
First movement--squat:
Stand still and then open your feet to half of your shoulder width with tiptoe outside. Then droop your hands before your body crossed. Grovel your knees for about 30 degrees and open your knees horizontally with your knee points not over tiptoes and tighten your gluteus slightly. Then lower down your center of gravity and keep this movement for a while and then recover. Next, grovel your knees again to 60 degrees and keep it and then recover. Then, grovel and parallel your thigh with the ground and make your knees and the shins vertical and lower dow your center of gravity with slightly tightened gluteus and keep this movement for a while and then recover.
Repeat the whole motion.
Second movement--lynx
1. First of all, knee on the ground and open your knees as wide as your hip and cling your shank and instep to the ground with your foot plate upside. Then lean forward and straight your waist and back, make sure that your thighs and shank are like a right angle and then parallel your body with the ground. Put your palms on the floor in the middle of the place under your shoulder and your arms should be vertical and make a right angle with the ground and as wide as your shoulder. Your fingertip should be point forward.
2. Inhale and lift your pelvis slowly and bend your waist down a little bit to make an arc at the same time. Then look forward and droop your shoulder to keep a line between your spine and the neck. Do not over raise your head.
3.exhale, meanwhile haunch up your back slowly which will make your face down toward and look directly toward your thigh until you fell stretch on your back. Repeat movements above for 6 to 10 times with inhale and exhale.
4. Movement changes: when you finish those three steps, straight your waist and back again, meanwhile lift your right feet and parallel your feet and your back with your sole straightened. And then stretch your left hand and raise your head, look forward and stretch your back. The arm and leg you stretched should keep parallel with the floor.

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