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What Kind of Dishes Cannot Be Eaten Overnight

We always say that we had better do not have leftovers which is bad for health. Meanwhile, we advocate saving food and we may feel conflict between these two ideas. It is unavoidable to not have leftovers. So what kind of dish can be saved for another meal?
Principle: choose meat rather than vegetables and never cold dish
People always worry about losing nutrition and unhealthy of having leftovers. Meat dish is more safety than vegetables from these two aspects.
It is known to all that leftovers have problems like having too much nitrite. Nitrite is toxic itself and will engender carcinogen nitrosamine when it meet protein in stomach. According to some data, 80% of nitrite human body absorbs are from vegetables. Finished vegetables will contain more nitrite in high temperature for a long time.
In addition, nutrition in vegetables is easier to lose. This is because there are dozens of nutrients in a kind of food among which water soluble vitamin such as vitamin C and vitamin E are afraid of heat. While the value of vegetable demonstrates just on rich vitamin, therefore, reheated vegetables will lose a lot of nutrition.
There are some nutrients in food that are not afraid of heat, such as minerals like calcium and iron. These nutrients are often absorbed by meat dishes like fish and meat. Therefore, the nutrition would not lose even if reheat again.
Therefore, do not have leftovers no matter for your nutrition or for your health. Besides, you are reminded that leftovers of cold dish no matter it is meat or vegetables should be declined because it will be difficult to kill the bacteria without heating and will cause discomfort like diarrhea.
As for vegetables, we had better cook the amount we can finish and you can do it again if you want to eat it next time and the vegetables had better be fresh since overnight vegetables are out of nutrition and cancerigenic.

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