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Woman who isrestive is away from breast cancer

According to a latest research from the Washington University of United States, girls doing more exercise from her developmental stages( 12 years old) can prevent the occurrence of having breast cancer in adulthood.

A study on 65000 children ranges from 24 to 42 years old have been conducted. The study is mainly about the movement situation after their 12 years old. And during the long 6 years survey, there are 550 women has been diagnosed with breast cancer before their menopause.

Data shows that if women have more exercises in adolescence and adulthood, the rate of having breast cancer will be 23% power than those who sits all the time. And among them, those who have the lowest possibility of having breast cancer exercise 3hours and 15 minutes every week by way or running. There is a research once points that women exercise more after menopause also can reduce the possibility of having breast cancer. In addition, the period between 12 to 22 years old is the best period for women to exercise . The expert advises that women exercise by meansof running and walking.

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