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All Kinds of Snacks In Your Office Desk

Are there all kinds of snacks in your office desk? Do you know which are healthy?
Plum candy and olive
Nutrition point: both plum candy and olive can relieve cough and resolve phlegm, help produce saliva and slake thirst. They are rich in organic acid which can promote the secretion of digestive juice and help digestion. Therefore, plum candy and olive are suitable to eat during or after meal but not when you are hungry. They also can bring along with fresh breath which is the unnecessary snack of office workers. Eating principle: have them two to three every day after meal.
Black chocolate
Nutrition point: among all the chocolates, black chocolate has the lowest sugar and fat. It can turn into glucose and then goes into the blood and then release energy slowly in human body to make the blood sugar consumption to emptiness two to three hour later. Therefore, having a bar of chocolate when you are hungry which is way more effective than having biscuit or cake. Eating principle: for people who have 5 to 6 hours between two meals, have two bars of chocolates three hours later after your first meal which can relieve hunger quickly.
Coffee and milk
Nutrition point: some people cannot drink milk, or say do not like the flavour of milk. However, they also do not want to give its nutritious value and rich high-absorption milk calcium; some people like coffee, but choose the three-in-one instant coffee. Three-in-one means the collaboration of vegetable fat, white granulated sugar and coffee leaves with the vegetable fat may bring trans fat that is harmful to the cardiovascular system. Eating principle: prepare a glass of low fat milk, add a small spoonful of coffee leaves and season it with swire sugar or ba er sugar ( safe sweetener).
Sea sedge
Nutrition point: porphyra ( sea sedge)is rich in many kinds of vitamin and minerals among which sodium iodide is the highest. Having it often can prevent from skin dark caused by lack of sodium iodide, dry hair and slow development as well as diminish the accumulation of fat in human body, prevent from hypertension and coronary heart disease. Eating principle: having it won't cause fat since it has little fat and energy.
Nutrition point: white-collar officer who sits long time can have some nuts like peanut, walnut, almond and so on. Sitting too long in front of office desk is much easier to have cardiovascular disease, while having more nuts like walnut can reduce the possibility of having this kind of disease. Eating principle: you should pay attention to the amount of peanut since it has much far which may cause obesity.
Dried bean curd
Nutrition point: the main nutritious benefit of dried bean curd is rich calcium. The biggest feature of dried bean curd is balanced nutrition which means that it contains protein, fat and carbohydrate with the appropriate amount. Eating principle: a piece of spice dried bean curd in vacuum independent package is about 20 grams and having two to three pieces can supplement 40% of the calcium amount you need whole day.
Beef jerk and spiced beef
Nutrition point: spiced beef or beef jerk is rich in protein and some heme iron. Meanwhile, it also contains zinc, selenium and all kinds of vitamin B which an supplement spleen and stomach, strengthen bones and supplement blood and qi. Eating principle: these two snacks are suitable to have when your stomach is empty.

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