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Are Green Tomato Poisonous?

A few days ago, i went out with friends to have dinner and one of them ordered a green tomato fried with meat and we didn't notice it until it came up. Some friends were frightened and cried out that isn't this green tomato fried with meat? It is common sense that immature tomato is poisonous and cannot be eaten. And then we called the waitress , however, the waitress also could not explain it and said that this dish has been on sell for several months and no one was poisoned. We could not eat with this dish so we went out.
I was very curious about whether the green tomato is edible or not, or the cook cleaned the toxin with special cooking. I have done a lot of research about it and i found the truth. There is a kind of special breed in tomato which is called " emerald" or "green dragon ball", and it is green when normal tomato is immature which contains solanine which is poisonous and the solanine will disappear when it is mature and at this moment tomato is a delicious dish; however, this breed is green even though it is mature and is edible since it contains no solanine.
As for this kind of tomato, the most common made is fried with meat, and it also can be used to make juice or salad.
In addition, there is a breed called" xia zhuang gang liu jiu" which is green and red and is edible since its pulp is mature and most of its pulp is red with only a little green in the root.
The nutritionist reminds that immature tomato and " emarald" are poisonous and it is difficult to distinguish between the mature and the immature since it is green all the time., so you had better be careful when choosing green tomatoes.

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