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Are You Still Washing Your Underwear Wrongly

Underwear contacts our privates everyday and every one has his or her own way of washing. Does this methods right or wrong? Taiwan magazine Common Health recently published a passage about the five questions of washing underwear.
Question one: is it the most clear way to wash your underwear with your hands?
The lecturer of Housework Management Training,Chen Anqi points out that it is much clearer to wash your underwear with hands. However, there is a disadvantage of washing with your hands and it is that it is difficult to wash the cleanser up and wring it up totally.
The doctor in charge of Obstetrics and Gynecology department in National Taiwan University Hospital--Tong Baoling points out that there is a simple principle for clearing underwear: " clean it up and wash it up". As for how to wash it and with what kind of cleanser, it all does't matter.
Question two: how to choose cleanser?
Lin Yijun, the doctor in charge of infectious disease department in TMUH points out that bubbling cleanser can damage protein.
As for how to clean underwear that has polluted by blood during periods. According to Chen Anqi, wash it with cool water when it has just been polluted and most of it can be washed up. If the bloodstain has already dried, you can drop some hydrogen peroxide that is for disinfection wound and the bloodstain will dissolve itself.
Question three: what if your underwear cannot get the sunshine since you live in apartment?
Ultraviolet ray is the best and natural disinfection system and you had better let you underwear have some sunshine. According to Chen Anqi, if you really cannot get it under the sun, you are suggested to process it with high temperature. For example, burn it with iron,or dry it with dryer, or blow it with hair drier to avoid being humid.
Chen Anqi reminds that do not hang your underwear in the bathroom.
Question four: can essential oil, bleaching water, hot water sterilize effectively?
According Tong Baoling, the essential oil do have some certain effect ,but it only can make your underwear fragrant if you drop some on your underwear.
Although sterilization with bleaching water can remove yellow stains, the stimulative function of its chloride is too strong and you have to be careful not left any leftover.
If you want to clean it up, you can boil it with water for 15 minutes.
Question five: pad and disposable underwear are the cleanest since they are changeable everyday.
Pad is used when you have little menstruation and you had better not use it in your daily life since it has the worst ventilation.
Disposable underwear is used only when it is inconvenient and it is not safe since we don't know the material of it and it has been processed by bleaching.

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