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Five Benefits of Potato to Female

Do you know that besides of a delicious dish in our daily life, potato is also the best beautify food for female which can not only loose weight, but also anti-aging.
potato as the natural beautify item
Potato has the effect of protecting skin and nourishing skin. Fresh potato juice can be applied directly to face with obvious whitening effect. Our skin is easier to be burned and blackened by the sunshine in summer. Potato can eliminate spots effectively without side effects.
Potato also has beautified effects to skin around eyes. You can cut potato into pieces and then apply them to your eyes which can reduce the edema of eyelid pouch. This method also can be applied to face which can beautify and care your skin as well as reduce wrinkles. Young people always secret a lot of oil and suffer from acnes. They can dip some fresh potato juice with cotton and smear it on the acnes.
potato can forge good character
There is vitamin C in potato. For office workers nowadays are easy to be affected by negative emotions like depression, frustration and upset. Potato can help you solve this problem. Food can affect the mood of human being because the minerals and nutrition in it can work on human body and improve psychological state.
Anticlimactic people are mainly caused by lack of vitamin A and C, or having too much acid food. Potato can help you supplement vitamin A and C as well as replace the imbalance food pH value caused by having too much meat under the condition of proving nutrition.
potato can help lose weight
You do not need to worry about redundant fat since potato only contains 0.1% fat which is the lowest among all other food than can solve hunger. Having more potato can reduce the absorption of fat, metabolize the redundant fat in your body and eliminate what worried you for a long time. Potato is kind of magic since it can make fat people slim and slim people fat.
People who think they are with a bad figure do not need to suffer dieting pain and have the effect of “ eating more and becoming more beautiful” only if you have potato as your necessary food everyday for a while. However, weight loser has to know that you should treat potato as staple food not as dishes. Have a potato with medium size every time.
nutritious potato can anti-aging
Potato is rich in B vitamin including vitamin B1, B2, B6 and pantothenic acid as well as lots of high quality cellulose. It also contains nutritious elements like trace element, amino acid, protein, fat and high quality starch. People who have potato often will have a good health and keep young longer.
potato can adjust weak constitution
potato not only would not make people fat, but also has the effect of curing, diuresis and spasmolysis. It can prevent and cure ecchymosis, neuralgia, arthritis, coronary heart disease as well as ophthalmalgia. Potato is rich in potassium and people who is feeble, with bad appetite, or having diuretic or laxative for a long time should have more potato to supplement potassium.
Protein and B vitamin can strengthen constitution as well as enhance memory and clear thought. People who do not have appetite in summer can have a period of potato.

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