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Foot Bath Had Better Be Taken After Nine at Night

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, sole is the convergence of all channels and collaterals as well as the reflection zone of over 60 acupuncture points that connect with human organs and viscera corresponding to the internal organs of human body. Foot bath can negotiate all channels and collaterals as well as improve blood circulation. Most people know it is good to take foot bath, but few people know that foot bathing may have different results in different periods. If you want to protect your kidney, you had better take it after nine o’clock in the evening,
Why taking foot bath at nine p.m. can protect kidney best?
The reason is that this is the time when the kidney and qi are the weakest, and the heat of human body will be increased; blood vessels will be expanded if taking foot bath now so as to promote the blood circulation. Meanwhile, both all-day nervous nerves and tired kidney can be relaxed and regulated completely through foot bath. People also will fell comfortable at this time.
“Foot bath with hot water not only can nourish kidney and liver, but also promote sleep quality.” You will have a better blood circulation and the organs of your body will be further adjusted if you could do some sole massage after foot bath. You are not suggested to take other activities after foot bath, but to go to sleep immediately which is much better to your kidney.

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