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Fruit Juice with High Acidity is Easier to Keep?

No matter the fruit juice is home made or from supermarket, you have to pay attention to the condition of keeping it. The expert says that fruit juice should be finished immediately and had better not keep it .
According to the research, the vitamin in fruit and vegetable will lose to different degrees after become juice. This is mainly because it has had oxidizing reaction. The scientific name of vitamin C is ascorbic acid which has the effect of antioxidant. The vitamin C exposures in the air and have oxidizing reaction after squeezed into juice.
Different fruit will lose different vitamin C after squeezing to juice and the higher the acidity is, the longer the vitamin C can be kept. It is because vitamin C is the most stable under acid condition and it is difficult for micro-biology to breed. Hawthorn fruit juice, orange juice and grape juice can be kept for three to five days in the refrigerator, while peach juice and pear juice that has lower acidity needs to be finished two days after opening, in addition, many consumers think that there is no need to worry about keeping if putting the juice sealed into the refrigerator which actually only slow down the rate of losing nutrition but the chemical reaction goes on in the juice.

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