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Having More Corn to Protect Blood Vessels When Man At 60

Professor Zhang Hude of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Health Room put forward some health suggestions for man at 60.
It means a lot to have a good stomach. Men at 60 must pay attention to nourish their stomach since the morbidity of stomach disease is very high. There are two key points for nourishing stomach: one is diet and another one is mood. As for diet, do not have food that is too hard, too cold, too oily and too stimulative. As for mood, try to keep a good mood and the stomach trouble will get away from you as long as you have a good mood.
Able to suspend the arteriosclerosis. Corn is the best staple food to prevent from arteriosclerosis. In addition, oat, buckwheat, YoYuimin and beans all can protect the artery. Also you have to pay attention to the combination of grains and refined grains when having staple food. It is unwise to have only grains and do not have paddy white flour.
Able to delay osteoporosis. Having more food that contains lots of calcium in your daily life and had better have a glass of milk or yogurt everyday.
Exercise doesn't mean climbing stairs. Many people treat climbing stairs as an exercise. However, climbing stairs only increase the heart burden for man at 60 and may hurt knee joint. The best exercises for the elder are walking and Taichi.

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