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How to Supplement Calcium More Effectively

Three meals a day is the basic insurance for human life and you should know when to have what.
The best time for dinner is about six p.m and do not go to bed within four hours after your dinner
There is a research showing that having less food can have a good sleep. The correct way of having dinner is to have it for 80% full with not hungry as your standard. The best time to have dinner is about six p.m and do not exceed nine p.m. You had better have nothing solid after nine p.m and do not go to bed within four hours after you dinner which can digest your food sufficiently.
Pay attention to supplement calcium in dinner:
It is known to all that calcium supplement has the best effect before you go to bed, for example, have a glass of milk can not only promote your sleep but also supplement calcium. Also we all know that shrimp bran is rich in calcium and so some people think that having shrimp barn before you go to bed can have a better effect than having milk. In fact, this idea is completely wrong since it cannot achieve the goal of supplement calcium but increase the risk of having urethral calculus.
It is because the main ingredient of urethral calculus is calcium and calcium in food are partly absorbed by the intestinal wall, and the rest being ruled out of by urine. The peak time of urination is 4 to 5 hours after dinner and if there are too much calcium in food or you have dinner too late, or have some shrimp bran before you go to bed, the urine will be stored in urinal tract totally and cannot get out of your body timely since people have already fallen asleep when the pick time of urination comes. Thus, the calcium content in the urine increases as time goes by and accumulates in urinal tract and then becomes urethral calculus. The Panasonic Hospital in Japan had done a research in 270 patients with urethral calculus and found out that there are 97 of them having dinner after nine p.m while 25 go to bed immediately after having food.
The best way to supplement calcium:
If you Supplement calcium at night, you had better have something that is easy to digest. It is a good choice to have a glass of milk one or two hours before you go to bed.
The amount of dinner has to be appropriate:
Many people do not have a certain time to have dinner due to busy work, they might have it late or early, or even go to bed without having anything. It is wrong not to have dinner and you should have food that is bland. If the dinner is too oily, the redundant oil may cause elevated blood lipid and then leads to atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Redundant protein may increase the metabolic burden of intestine and stomach and liver and heart and kidney which is very harmful to patients with liver and kidney disease.
Lack of staple food in dinner:
The traditional dieting structure in our country defines grain as staple food. However, nowadays, the position of staple food in table is weaker and weaker.
It is necessary to have some staple food. In face, every meal has to have staple food. The staple food of dinner can be lean food. The amount of staple food for male should be 2 to 3 tael while 1 to 2 tael for female and the elder had better have some porridge.

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