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Litchi can Nourish Spleen and Heart

It is the season for having litchi, here I would like to remind all of you that not every one can eat litchi. Diabetes patient had better not have litchi. Besides, litchi contains tannin and methanol which is easy to produce inner heat. Therefore, patients with throat pain, swelling and aching of gum, epistaxis caused by fire excess from yin deficiency should also not have litchi. People except those who have excessive heat all can have litchi, especially for the pregnant woman, the elderly, people with poor health, patients during recovery, people with anemia, stomach cold and bad breath should have more.
supplement spleen and heart
the pulp of litchi has the effect of supplement spleen and liver, regulate the flow of qi and supplement qi, stop pain, and calm down; the kernel of litchi can regulate the flow of qi, remove depression, stop pain; and can stop hiccup and diarrhea which is the best dietary therapy product. It also can supplement brain and strengthen health, increase appetite.
prevent freckle
Litchi contains glucose, cane sugar, protein, fat, carotene, vitamin B1, B2, C, folic acid, citric acid, malic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron, arginine, and typtophan. The rich vitamin in litchi can promote blood circulation and prevent the occurrence of freckle which can make your skin smoother.
Three tips tell you how to eat litchi without having excessive heat
drink salt water
people who like eating litchi and afraid of heat at the same time can have more salt water when having litchi. You also can make meat or pork soup with 20 to 30 grams of dried radix rehmanniae, or with glace date.
soap litchi with salt water before eating
You also can soap litchi into the salt water with peel and then put it into the refrigerator. This method not only would not cause excessive heat, but also can solve stagnation and increase appetite. If you have a cup of tea made from litchi leaves (sun dried), it can solve the stagnation and diarrhea caused by having too much litchi.
have litchi shell cooked with water
If you had too much litchi and have abdominal distension, frequent stomachache which is the so-called “ poisoning”, you can cure it with litchi shell cooked with water, or a few fresh lemon, or a cup of lemon tea. All these can help remove abdominal distension and stop pain.

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