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Six Methods for Health Care After Meal

Nowadays, many people ignored health care after meal and so affects the effect of dieting or even harm your health. There are several methods for health care after meal.
1. Brush your teeth after meal
According to the ancient medical scientist Zhang Zhongjing: " you should brush your teeth after meal to make your teeth well and fragrant." Brushing your teeth after meal can protect the wettability and clearness of your mouth and increase taste function by stimulating taste buds. It also can prevent from having mouth and teeth disease so as to protect your teeth and mouth which is benefit to your appetite and help digestion and absorbing.
Massage your abdomen after meal
Sun Simiao,the medical scientist from Tang Dynasty points out that people should do some mild exercise after meal. He said that " people should massage their face and abdomen after every meal to make the body fluid smooth and then take a walk after meal". Also it demands that " massage your abdomen for a hundred times and massage your teeth for thirty-six times until your saliva fill your mouth" and if you can do this, " it is easier to digest your food which is beneficial to your health and keep you a good habit without sickness". If " you lie down immediately after your meal", you cannot " digest your food and finally become disease".
Massaging your abdomen after your meal can promote the gastrointestinal motility and the blood circulation in the enterocoelia which is beneficial to strengthen your gastrointestinal function and also is a positive stimulant for the brain through nerves which is beneficial to regulating the function of central nervous system so as to care your health and prevent from disease. Specific method: attach your palm to your abdomen and center at your navel and then massage gently for 20 times both clockwise and counter-clockwise.
Walk slowly after your meal
As the old going says: " you can have a long life if you take a walk after your meal". If people, especially those who have been bending over their desks all day long without much exercises, or those who have a fat figure or who have too many gastric acid, can take a walk for 20 minutes after their meal which can promote the gastrointestinal motility and help the secretion of gastrointestinal digestive juice and the absorption of food, they can have a better health. According to Health Care Among A Pillow,: " it is very benefit for man to take a walk after meal" which means taking a slow walk after meal can not only promote the gastrointestinal motility but also help secretion of gastrointestinal digestive juice and absorption of food. However, you can not walk fast, or do fierce exercise ,or sit down, or lie down immediately after meal.
The time of a walk after meal is about 20 minutes and the walk should not been taken immediately after walk. If you start your walk immediately after your meal, the blood in your body will spread more widely in your trunk and limbs which will reduce the supply of blood in your gastrointestinal tract and diminish the secretion of digestive enzyme which leads to insufficient digestion of food in your stomach.
Besides, "walking after meal" is not suitable for every one. People who has a bad health or have disease like gastroptosis should not take a walk after meal but lie down for 10 minutes after meal. This is because the stomach is full of food after meal and if you take a upright activity after meal which will increase the shaking of stomach and increase the burden of stomach and then aggravate gastroptosis. Therefore, you should sit quietly after meal for 30 minutes and then take a walk. People who has cardiocerebral vascular disease also should not take a walk after meal since both the gastrointestinal movement and the blood flow of gastrointestinal increases while the blood blow of brain decreases accordingly which means taking a walk after meal will battle for the blood supply of brain which will make the situation even worse. This kind of people should sit down or lie down to have a rest after meal or else they may have an accident for sudden insufficient blood supply for brain.
Listen to music after meal
It is quite benefit for human body to listen to some gentle and live and beautiful music. According to Suse Bow On Sasang Medicine: " the spleen likes music and will mill food as soon as it hears about music". Also the Taoist school has the saying " spleen will mill food immediately after hearing music". You can have your meal with listening soft music ; listing music after meal can cultivate the mood and character and make the vigour together and being happy without sorrow.
Listening to music after meal also has the effect of health care and curing disease. In 1972, according to the advice of some pathologists and musicians, the Poland government set up the first " Music Therapy Research Institution" which had obvious effect. The "medicine" that doctor gave the patient is a CD of Bach, the classic composer in German, and the specific method is to listen to music after meal for three times everyday resulted in people who had neurological stomach trouble recovered if they listened music timely. Later, some hospitals in UK, USA and Japan also adopted the method of music therapy. For example, listening to music three times everyday can cure neurogenic gastritis; listening to music can lower blood pressure of hypertension patients; can make patient quite and recover .
In addition, listening to music after meal should take the characters and degree of music loving into consideration. This is because these factors may has some certain effects to therapy. Choosing music according to different people can have a better effect. And noise and fierce and high music or sad music may have some bad effect or even harm health to people's emotion and digestive function.
Doing six things slowly after meal
Smoking slowly. The damage is 10 times larger than usual if you smoke after meal. This is because the blood circulation of digestive tract increases after meal which make it easier to absorb harmful ingredient in cigarette and then harm the live, brain and cardiovascular surgery.
Having tea slowly. there are a lot of tannic acid in the tea which can combine with iron and zinc in food and forms some substance that is hard to dissolve and absorb and then waster the irony in food. If you arrange your tea time an hour later after meal ,then it is ok.
Take a bath slowly. Taking a bath after meal will increase the body surface blood flow and decrease accordingly the blood flow of gastrointestinal tract which will weaken the digestive function of gastrointestinal function.
Work slowly after meal. Working after meal immediately will force the blood to satisfy motor organs and cause insufficient blood supply for stomach and intestine and diminish of digestive juice secretion and leads to disease like indigestion and chronic gastro-enteritis.
Have fruit slowly. Having some fruit after meal is treated as "golden rule", but the medical scientist objected about this since food need one to two hours to digest in stomach and then goes into the small intestine. If you had fruit immediately after meal , the food will be blocked in stomach and cause disorder of digestive function as time goes by.
Loose you belt slowly. Loosing the belt after meal will make the lower of internal pressure in abdominal cavity which will weaken the supportive function of digestive tract and then leads to gastroptosis.

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