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The Best Six Collaborations of Syrup for Periods

During periods, the resistance is weaker and emotion is easy to fluctuate and some people even have symptoms like bad appetite, soreness of waist, and fatigue. Female during periods, especially who has a lot of menstruation, will lose many ingredients in blood including protein, potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium. Therefore, female should supplement food with protein, mineral substance and antianemic food one to five days after periods. You can choose food and traditional Chinese medicine with beautify and antianemic effects and promoting blood circulation.
While during periods, female should supplement some warm enforcing food that is benefit to " the movement of menstruation", such as mutton, chicken, red date, soybean milk skin, apple, coix seed, milk, brown sugar and dried longan and so on.
People who has symptoms like bad appetite and soreness of waist should choose food that is nutritious, spleen appetizing, easy to digest, such as jujube, noodles, coix seed porridge. In order to keep balance, you should have fresh vegetables and fruits at the same time. Food should mainly be fresh not only delicious and easy to absorb but also with much more nutrition.
In summer, people have weaker resistance and women during periods are easy to be tired. Syrup can promote the secretion of saliva and quench thirst as well as supplement blood and nourish skin. Below are some collaborations which are suitable for women at periods.
Ginger, jujube and sugar water
Material: 30 grams of ginger, jujube, brown sugar respectively
Method: clean ginger and jujube up and cut the ginger into powder, take the core of jujube out, and decoct them together with brown sugar. Have soup with jujube.
Effect: It has the effect of warming the channel and dispersing cold which is suitable for curing cold dysmenorrhea and chloasma.
Hawthorn and cassia twig with brown sugar soup
Material: 15 grams of haw pulp, 5 grams of cassia twig, 30 grams of brown sugar.
Method: put the haw pulp and cassia twig into the pot and add two bowels of water; boil them with mild fire until it only has one bowel amount and then add brown sugar and stir them evenly until it boiled.
Effect: it has the effect of warming the channel and negotiating the arteries and veins as well as removing stasis and killing pain which is suitable for girls with cold dysmenorrhea and lusterless complexion.
Chive juice and brown sugar water
Material: 300 grams of fresh chives, 100 grams of brown sugar
Method: clean the chives up and dry them; cut the chives up and mash them into juice. And then put the brown sugar into the pot and add some water; boil it until the sugar has dissolved and then add the chive juice.
Effect: it has the effect of warming the channel and supplement qi which is suitable for qi-blood deficiency dysmenorrhea and can make skin bright and rosy.
Black fungus with red date
Material: 30 grams of black fungus, 30 grams of red date]
Method: clean the black fungus and red date; then take the core of red date out and add water twice until it is boiled; it is done after removing the slag
Effect: it has the effect of strengthening the middle warmer and benefiting vital energy , nourishing the blood and hemoslasis, and beautify skin .
Lotus root drink
Material: f500 grams of fresh lotus root, fresh white radish, fresh eclipta alba respectively.
Method: clean them up and then mash them into juice; add some crystal sugar and it is done
Effect: it has the effect of clearing hear and cooling blood as well as stopping bleeding and securing the menses.
Lettuce and carrot with syrup of plum
Material: a carrot, a lettuce, 4 sour plum, 50 grams of white granulated sugar
Effect: it is delicious with sweet and sour, and has the effect of clearing heat and detoxing as well promoting the secretion of saliva and quenching thirst which has the effect of dietary therapy to heat stroke, irritability and laryngoxerosis.
Method: peel the carrot and lettuce and clean them up and then cut them into pieces; clean the sour plum up and put it into the pot with carrot together and boil them with water, change the fire to moderate heat when it is boiled and then add the lettuce; when the lettuce is mature, add some white granulated sugar to make it more delicious and it is done after removing the spum.

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