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Wearing Colorful Underwear May Cause Gynaopathy

Abstract: female, especially female at middle age, should not wear colorful underwear. This is because that it is not easy to distinguish the lesion leucorrhea and affect the early finding and cure of some gynaopathy.
When female have trichomonas vaginitis or monilil or mycotic vginitis, the color of leucorrhea is yellow white or like water; when female have cervical cancer, the leucorrhea will be very turbid, or even have red or yellow. These show that the lesion leucorrhea is the early signal of many gynaopathy diseases and is one of the methods to diagnose gynaopathy disease. In addition, the ovarian function of female in middle age declines significantly and the natural defense capability of vagina also declines. Therefore, it is easier for all kinds of bacteria to get into the body.
Therefore, female, especially middle-aged female had better wear white cotton underwear but not colorful underwear so as to find all possible disease from the color of leucorrhea and cure it.
care knowledge that female must know to get away from gynaopathy
Cotton underwear which has good ventilation and hygienic
Many female find their lower part itching and the secretion of vagina smells badly. This is because the material of underwear has bad ventilation. When buying underwear, you had better choose cotton material and loose. In daily life, take care of your lower part and so you can wear special underwear on some particular days. If you want to seize someone, you must pay attention to the hygiene of your lower part.
Clean your underwear without washing preparations
Underwear has to be wash with hands, or clean separately, and do not clean with pants, socks. Many girls use to much washing preparations in order to clean it up, but left some on underwear and cause skin allergic problems.
Have some sunshine to kill bacteria by ultraviolet rays
Many girls in order to keep good lady image, they always hand underwear in dark places. This will disappoint the good will of nature since sunshine has ultraviolet which can kill bacteria and keep your underwear clean. If you still feel embarrass hanging your underwear , you can dry it with dry machinery. Only dry and clean underwear makes your comfortable.

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