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Which Factors Affect the Water Quality of Tap Water

A drop of water will through four links from water source--waterworks--municipal pipe network--residential area to go into the common people's house. The tap water cannot be guaranteed if there is something wrong with any one link. There is still all kinds of hidden danger of Chinese drinking water.
Water source pollution
Since 2012, there were tens of drinking water pollution incidents in the whole country. January, cadmium pollution incident in Longjianghe, Guangxi attracted the attention of the public and the high peak of cadmium pollution water even reached 80 times once; in february, there was peculiar smell in the tap water of Zhenjiang town, Jiangsu Province which caused many local people rush to purchase drinking water and finally found out that it was phenol pollution of water resource...The main reason for water pollution is industry sewage and the discharge capacity of industrial wastewater every year accounts for 70% of the total discharge capacity. In addition, rubbish thrown about in the city, sewage discharges in the town and the running off of chemical fertilizer in the country are all threatening the water safety. The direct result brought by it is the severe exceeding of standard of heavy metal and carcinogen in drinking water.
Backward process technology
According to Professor Wang Zhansheng in Environment Academy of Tsinghua University, at present, most waterworks are still adopting the traditional purification technology "coagulation--settle--filter--disinfection" which was the technology of 100 years before. The chief engineer of the monitoring center of urban water supply in building department Song Lanhe declared that :" the problems of Chinese waterworks will become more as you go to small areas". Tens of thousands of small waterworks supply the country and towns with even more backward technology which is more difficult to guarantee the water safety. Zhao Hongfei, the researcher of Public Health and Drinking Water Institute in Beijing, the chairman of Health Drinking Committee of Health Protection Institute in Beijing, introduced that, the new national standard of drinking water is going to be increased to 106 items which is a good thing, but some small cities or remote areas even do not have the ability to implement this test and then there is no need to talk about reaching standard.
Outmoded pipe network and pollution of secondary water supply facilities
Even if the water from waterworks meet the standard, the aging of pipe network, the irregular of secondary water supply also may pollute the drinking water for common people. Nowadays, there are still may tap water pipe network has worked for over 50 years, and muddy water, rarity in water are all connected with outmoded pipe network. One working stuff in the Zhe Jiang Department of Health declared that:" during out patrol, the health condition of some impounding reservoir and water tank in residential areas is quite alarming, there are even socks, shoes, dead rats floated there." according to the stipulation, secondary water supply in community should be disinfected for at least twice every year and have to be sent to test after cleaning. However, many communities are unable to do this which caused blind areas for secondary supply testing.

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