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Which Kind of Food Will Make You Stupid if You Had Too Much

People have to absorb nutrition from food everyday. However, there are some food called " minus wisdom food" which will make you stupid. According to the expert, there are some substance like lead and aluminium in these food which can make you forgetful, less intelligent and mental slowly.
Pop corn
Pop corn is the typical "minus wisdom food" and you will be stupid if you eat it frequently. Pop corn also is bad for cardiovascular and can make people easier to get fat. During the process of making pop corn, the pop corn fragrance will be turned into a kind of substance called diacetyl. And even if you are not the worker who produces pop corn, you will have a kind of disease called " pop corn lung" if you had too much pop corn with fragrance. The symptoms of this disease is cough and shortness of breath which is very stimulative to lung and heart.
Preserved egg
Many people like preserved egg & pork porridge. Preserved egg has no harm to human body if you had less, but it may affect your body if you had too much. It is because preserved egg is salted by wrapping duck egg with combination of soda, lime, salt and lead oxide which means there are lead in preserved egg and you will be lead poisoning if you had too much. This may cause symptoms like insomnia, unable to concentrate, anemia, arthralgia, slow thinking, brain affection. In addition, lead may replace the calcium and affect the absorption of calcium and then cause lack of calcium.
Fried bread stick
Fry bread stick needs to use alum and there are a lot of aluminium in alum and having too much aluminium will hurt human brain. Although nowadays there are replacement of alum, there are other substances in fried bread stick that is harmful.
Silk noodles
Some manufactures adding alum illegally when producing silk noodles is the main reason for the over-proof of residual aluminium content. As prescribed, it is forbidden to add alum in silk noodles, vermicelli, and starch since the chemical ingredient of alum is aluminium potassium sulfate. Presenile dementia is related to having too much aluminium.
Agar-agar jelly
There is aluminium in agar-agar jelly and having too much food with these ingredients will hurt brain and human body. Although it is ok to have some, it is true that you may be stupid if you had too much.
The making of cruller is similar to fried bread stick which also needs alum. There are a lot of aluminium in alum which will hurt human brain if had too much.
There are also some other food that will hurt human brain as they have been stored for too long or been added preservative, pigment, flavoring agents and so on in order to have better taste. These food include canned food, beverage that contain caffeine, bubble-gum, dessert with artificial color. People will be dysphoria, inattention, memory deterioration and slow response if had too much.
What can make people more intelligent
According to the expert, sea tangle, especially deep sea seaweed, fermented blank bean, tofu, orange, kiwi fruit are all good food for thought. Grain, liver, fish, lean meat, milk and egg all are rich in folic acid, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium which can enhance memory and reduce headache ,or memory deterioration caused by brain usage.

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