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Avoid Nitrite When Taking Meal to Company in summer

Lunch is one of the anxieties for white-collar officers, especially for those who choose to take food to company. They will worry the problem of nitrite in vegetable. In fact, as long as we grasp the skill and processing method of choosing vegetable, there would be on problem about nitrite.
Vegetable is rich in nitrate and there are two reasons for turning into nitrite: one is that the enzyme in vegetable will go back to nitrate and then produce nitrite; another reason is that the mass rearing of some reducing bacteria can restore nitrate into nitrite. Therefore, you can reduce the nitrite content in vegetable from following aspects:
As for vegetable itself, you should choose vegetable that contains little nitrate. Different vegetables has different nitrate content from high to low: leaf eaten vegetable, rhizomes, solanaceous vegetable, soy bean. Fresh vegetable has little nitrite and you should try to decrease the time of keeping green leaf vegetable and had better keep it in low temperature. In addition, since nitrate is easier to be dissolved in water, you should blanch the vegetable in water first before cooking to remove most nitrates.
As for cooked vegetable, the point is control the breeding of bacteria. The lunch-box has to be cleaned with boiling water from inside to outside to kill the bacteria. Then put the cooked vegetable into the lunch-box. You also should separate the rich and dish and then seal the lunch box. Put it into the refrigerator when the temperature is not heat. Besides, you had better do not stir the dish or you are inoculate for bacteria and cause mass breed of bacteria. In addition, you should reduce the time keeping dish in room temperature. Low temperature can inhibit the breeding of bacteria and then reduce the production of nitrite.

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