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Bad Positions In Your Daily Life

Are you always reading books leaning on the bedside, or playing telephones with heads down? Watch out! These bad positions may ruin your health.
1.Talking on the phone with you head tilting on one side for a long time or fall asleep on sofa. Sucking your telephone in the middle of your neck will cause your muscle excessive contract and your cervical spine will be hurt easily. Also, sleep on sofa siding on one side frequently, for example, if you sleep long-term on the right, the intervertebral disk or joint will become vestigial.
2.Playing computer or telephone with head down long-term. This typical ape-man position will make your neck over tense, your waist sore and painful, your lumbar over burdened. Li Linjian, the chief physician of rehabilitation medicine department in Taipei Revitalization Hospital, suggests that you had better let your hip sit on the chair thoroughly, your back attaching the back of a chair, your feet put flat on the floor, and keep your back straight when leaning forward. There had better be a support when using the mouse to avoid overloading on shoulders. In addition, your computer should not be too low.
3.Turn your head or waist suddenly. This is easier to twist your neck, or sprain in the lumbar region. Xu Ruireng, the director of Taihe Rehabilitation Clinic, highlights that when someone asks you, do not turn your head suddenly in case cause pressure on your cervical spine and easier to get hurt. You should turn around with your whole body. Li Linjian also says that you should turn around with all your limbs and rotating your chair at the same time.
4.Lean forward or your back hang in the air when sit. Many people like to lean on sofa with your neck slanting or sit with your body leaning forward. All these bad positions will cause great burden on lumbar. You are suggested to sit your bottom on chair thoroughly, you back attaching the back of chair, or use a backrest, and your feet be placed flat on floor.
5.Standing or walking with hunch over. When you are hunch over, your belly will protrude in order to keep balance. Zhu Di, the author of Yoga Healing Anatomy, says that “many middle-aged people is just like this type”, the power of lower part will be forced to press on the lumbar and your waist will feel sore, your lumbar has spur or surge as time goes by.
6.Taking things that is high. Working with head up for a long time, such as brushing ceiling, and letting your neck leaning back constantly and your lumbar straight or even on your tiptoe will overload your cervical spine and lumbar. You are suggested to use a stool or a chair, or stairs.
7.Carrying things bending your back for 90 degrees. Never carry things with your waist bending 90 degrees with the floor which is easier to twist your waist. Xu Ruiren says that you should keep balance when carrying things, and you are suggested to contract your abdomen and lift your anus before carrying to make your abdomen more powerful. Do not let the stuff being too close to your so that you won’t get hurt easily.
8.Sleeping with your face down. This position gives great pressure on cervical spine and lumbar as this position will make your lumbar and cervical spine excessive leaning backward and so press the nerves. Li Linjian suggests that people had better sleep with face up or sleep on one side, especially for people who has back pain or neck pain.
9.Adjust your seat behind when driving. When the seat is behind forward, in order to step on the accelerator, your hip will slip forward and your waist will have no support which makes your lumbar having too much pressure. You are suggested to adjust the seat that your feet can touch the accelerator and your back can attach the back of chair thoroughly.
10.Reading books leaning on the bedside. Many people like to lean their head and back on the bedside, and feet stretch flat, or reading books sitting or lying on bed before sleep. This position actually hurts the spines, pelvic, and knees badly. You are suggested not read books over 15 minutes if you have the habit.
11.Wearing shoes with waist bending down. This will make your lumbar have too much pressure. You are suggested to sit on a chair or squat down to wear shoes.
12.Getting up too sudden. Many people bump up from the bed as they are hurrying to go to work. This is easier to injure your muscle. You are suggested to turn over first leaning on one side before getting up. You can get up slowly with the assistance of your arms to support your lower part up and then move your feet outside the bed.

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