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Dental Disease: Disease with No Life Risk

In life, many people do not pay much attention to the oral health, and would not go to hospital when the tooth aches. At this time, the tooth has already been damaged seriously, and treatment always needs many times’ further consultations. And some patients would abort the cure midway when they did not feel pain. Since the tooth has not been dealt with completely, and after some time, the damage will be even serious and then cannot be repaired and end with removing. In comparison with CDC disease, oral disease has no life risk, but the oral structure is quite complicated and is easier to cause all kinds of diseases such as tooth disease, mucosal disease, and tumor and so on. The oral as the door of digestive system undertakes important task and tooth is the main structure among it. As long as there is disease in there, or lacking of tooth, will affect the health.
Pain Discomfort. When the decayed tooth stimulated by cold, heat, sour, and sweet, it will feel painful and discomfort and then hinders the dining and sleep; decayed tooth will further invade the dental pulp with obvious pain, it may even appear swelling up in gum and face, or even fever. What’s worse, it will affect the living quality.
It can affect the digestive food in oral and promote the secretion of digestive juice. after losing the tooth, you cannot chew and will swallow the food and so the gastric juice secret less, the gastro intestines move slower, the burden of gastric intestinal tract increases and so affect the absorption of nutrition and cause disease.
It will affect the face shape and pronunciation. The front tooth (especially the canine teeth) supports the angle of mouth and keeps the face full. As long as these teeth lost, the lip and cheek will lose the support and so becomes flat, collapse, the nasolabial fold becomes deeper, and the face will be shortened by one thirds, more wrinkles, and looks even older. The labiodental consonant and linguo-dental can not be expressed clearly because of leaking when pronunciation.
It will also affect the psychology. It is because the old face and unclear pronunciation will make the patient feel frustrated, plus the problem of dining and digestion and absorption, all these will affect the physical and psychological health of patient and accelerate aging.
From above we can see that keeping oral health is very important to body health. Then what is the standard for oral health? The WHO defines like this: clean tooth, no cavity, normal color of gum and no bleeding.
Then what is the current situation of our oral health? The Third National Oral Health Epidemiology Research Report shows that in our country, the deciduous teeth of five years old child having dental caries is 66%, the permanent teeth of 12 years old child is 29%; the age between 35 to 44 years old is 88.1% with average amount of 4.5; among all the dental caries, the proportion of caries, loss, supplement are respectively 34.0%, 57.6% and 8.4%. (Which means only 8.4% of dental caries has been under cure). The health rate of national people is about 14%. Among people between 35 and 44 years old, there are 37.0% of them lost teeth, the denture repair rate is only 11.6 %; there are 86.1% of national people between 65 and 74 years old lost teeth and the denture repair rate is only 42.6%. all these statistics tell us that we should pay attention to teeth health and dental disease prevention.

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