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Different Effects of Six Kinds of Vinegar

There are various vinegar and different vinegar can have different health care effects. The most normal one is table vinegar. Vinegar has very good edible value and health care effects. There are various flavors, kinds, and regional vinegar since during the making vinegar, the geological environment, material, workmanship are different. Therefore, the flavor and effect are different. What are the health care effects of table vinegar?
Seasoning vinegar: with low acidity, rich flavor, fragrant smell, a little sweet which has strong effect of helping make it fresh. It is suitable for making salad or dip it when you have food. It also can be used for cooking fish and meat. Adding some vinegar when cooking can not only make dishes more delicious, but also can protect the nutrients from losing.
Vinegar drinks: it is made up of combining fruit juice, rice vinegar, honey and malt with moderate sweetness and acidities and tastes great without sticky feeling. It has the effect of lower the heat, help produce saliva and slake thirst, increase appetite and remove fatigue. There are various flavors of vinegar and it will taste even better if adding icy water and carbon dioxide.
Health care vinegar: it is the table vinegar that adds health care factor, such as amino acid, vitamin, oligosaccharide, probiotics. This kind of vinegar has low acidity with a good flavor. It also has the effect of strengthen health and prevent from disease.
Brewing vinegar: the material of it includes grains that contain starch, sugar and fruit and is made up from brewing through micro-organism. It also does not add acetic acid during brewing. It also contains high content of amino acid which is benefic to the metabolism of human body.
Prepared vinegar: it is a kind of seasoning vinegar based on table vinegar mixing with acetic acid, addictive and with no other nutrients. Prepared vinegar can be divided into colorful vinegar and white vinegar while white vinegar can be divided into normal white vinegar and vinegar concentrate.
Pure fermented vinegar: it is brewed through cultivated mildew with single material. It tastes full-bodied and you have to dilute it with water before drinking. This kind of vinegar can help repair the hurt mucosa in stomach although it does not taste good.
I believe that you may have a general idea of what are the effects of vinegar. Applying vinegar appropriately in daily life can help prevent the occurrence of many diseases and have a better health.

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