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Dishes that Should Not Order When Drinking

bacon and sausage
Although it feels great having bacon with wine, there is hidden risk. Bacon food contains a lot of nitrosamines which has great solubility in alcohol and so will increase the risk of having esophageal carcinoma and gastric cancer.
Barbecue with several bottles of beer taste great, but this is quite harmful to health. Food processed with barbecued will not only lose nutrition like fat and protein, but also produce carcinogen. The alcohol will expand the blood vessels in digestive tract and damage the mucosa which cause these carcinogen more easier to be absorbed by human body.
bean jelly and cold rice noodles
Spicy bean jelly and cold rice noodle are popular dishes with drinking. However, the honorary Chairman of Tianjing Nutrition Institue Fu Jinru said that when processing bean jelly and cold rice noodles, the manufacture will add alum. The alum has the effect of convergence which will slow down the blood flow and prolong the time of alcohol staying in the blood so as to increase the harm to human body. In addition, alum and alcohol all need the liver to detoxify, so having them together will increase the burden of liver.
Raw fish and sashimi
Cold seafood like raw fish, sashimi and inebriate shrimp also are taboos of drinking. It is because fish and shell contain thiaminase which will dissolve and damage vitamin B1. thiaminase will lose its effect when heated to 60 centigrade. Therefore, having raw fish and raw shell for a long time will cause lacking of vitamin B1. Alcohol will hinder the small intestine from absorbing vitamin B1. therefore, the problem of lacking vitamin B1 will be much worse if you had seafood with alcohol.

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