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Eight Kinds of Nutrients that Affects Eye Health

Abstract: everyone knows about the effect of partiality for a particular kind of food on human health. Recent years, experts at home and abroad found that human body lack of some kinds of trace elements also is one of the reasons for vision loss and nearsightedness. Partiality for a particular food causes person easier to be imbalanced and harms the health of eyeballs.
No matter it is protein, trace element or vitamin, the lack of any kind of nutrients can cause nearsightedness or make the extent of nearsightedness deeper. Meat, egg product we have in our daily life contains a lot of protein but little vitamin; while liver, vegetable, fruit contains a lot of vitamin but little protein. Therefore, for healthy eyesight, or in order to prevent the occurrence of nearsightedness and slow down the development of nearsightedness, we should keep a balanced diet habit, i.e. have more vegetable, fruit, soy bean product, grain, sea food, etc, and have little sugar. Keep in mind that you should never partial to any one kind of food.
1. imbalance caused by partiality affects the eyesight directly
(1)Protein is the basis for eyesight development. Protein is the necessity of the normal function and restoration of tissues of eyes. Long-term lacking of protein will cause eyesight decline and all kinds of eye diseases.
(2)Vitamin A is very important to the metabolism of eyes which can not only help support the normal structure and physiological function of cells, but also is the main ingredients for combining eye phytochrome. The lack of vitamin A can cause the lack of retina visual purple and the decline of eye suitability to darkness.
(3)Vitamin B can guarantee the normal metabolism of retina and corneal and is the nutrient for optic nerve. When people have insufficient vitamin B, their eyes will cause symptoms like tired, easy to tear, green eyes and eye flesh spasm.
(4)Vitamin C is the important material for combining organic synthetic cells. The lack of vitamin C can induce diffuse corneal opacity and corneal ulcer and so leads to corneal perforating and retinitis.
2. the lack of many trace elements for the development of eyeballs caused by partiality for a particular food causes it easier to have nearsightedness or weak sight
(1)Zinc is very important for human body and is the active center for many kinds of enzyme. As the metabolism in eyes is very active and many metabolic enzymes are metalloenzyme related to zinc, so the lack of zinc will cause the decline of aqueous humor production and the antioxidant ability of eye tissues. These will cause retinal disease, optic atrophy. There is research showing that nearsighted patient has obviously lower zinc content in serum than normal value so that supplement of zinc can enhance the eye sight of near sight patient. In addition, according to the tests, the zinc content of weak sight patient also is lower than normal value. Therefore, the lack of zinc can directly affect the optic nerve axoplasmic transport and nerve conduction velocity. It also may has relation to weak sight.
(2)Bronze is one of the most important trace elements for human body and is important to the formation of pigment. Lack of bronze will cause all kinds of lesion. Abnormal bronze metabolism will cause retina pigment transformation and then affect eye sight and cause eye muscle damage. There is research showing that the serum copper and Cu of nearsightedness also are lower than normal people’s.
(3)Selenium is the necessary nutrient for human life and also is the active center of antioxidant enzyme in human body which can delay cell aging and regulate the absorption and consumption of vitamin A, C, E, K. During metabolism, the lack of selenium is easier to cause cataract and nearsightedness.
(4)Female who likes to ear food with much sugar is easier to have longer axial and facilitate the occurrence and development of nearsightedness.
In order to have a pair of bright and beautiful eyes and prevent the occurrence of nearsightedness and eye disease caused by lacking of trace elements, female should not be partial to any one kind of food and picky nicky but have regular dieting to supplement food that is beneficial for eyes ant guarantee the balance of trace elements.

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