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Five Methods to Keep Health with Fan

“Air-condition disease”, “air-condition leg” make many people frightened. So many people choose fan that is cool and would not cause hidden disease to spend their hot summer. Is it completely healthy of fan? In fact, long-term usage of fan will cause imbalanced blood circulation and perspiration excretion, headache, uncomfortable if you use it inappropriately. What’s worse, it may cause stroke. You are suggested to avoid using fan in following five methods.
1.Blow for over one hour. Long-term fan blowing, especially with top gear, will contract the pore and blood vessel, increase the peripheral vascular resistance and heart burden. There are various blood vessels in head and so head has much more blood flow as well as is more sensitive to cold. So if you blow with your head toward fan, it is easier to have headache, dizziness, fatigue. In addition, long-term usage of fan will decline human body temperature as the steaming of perspiration and so cause diseases like common cold, influenza, stomachache and diarrhea. Usually, you had better blow it for half an hour to an hour with windows open to keep the air flow.
2.Excessive wind speed. When the temperature exceeds 30 centigrade, the wind fan blows is also high-temperature wind, and now people mainly remove heat through sweat. If the fan blows excessively, the surface temperature of skin will decline suddenly and your pores blocking, and then you will feel even hotter, or tired, or soreness ,or even stroke since the sweat cannot coming out. Therefore, do not use high speed and had better control the speed between 0.2 to 0.5 meters/ second. The wind speed should not be moderate especially in room with good ventilation. Most fans on the market at present have the function of “natural wind” which simulates natural wind with varying speed to prevent from hurting by long-term constant speed.
3.Fan being too close. Fan being too close will make a big difference between blood circulation and perspiration circulation, the nerve center imbalanced, all organs feel tired and feel completely uncomfortable. In addition, if you have strong wind with fan nearby, or you have it with one side of your body, the one side will steam quickly and the temperature declines quickly while the other side steams slowly. Your body temperature will lose balance if you keep doing this. Therefore, fan had better be kept 2 meters away from human body.
4.Directional wind. People who come home with perspiration like to let the fan blow toward human body directly. This is very bad to health. Circulation in human body needs some certain temperature, and you will have partial nerves lacking of blood, swelling up, paralysis if you being in the strong wind for a long time. You are suggested to let your fan “sway” to change direction and let your surface having wind slowly which can guarantee an average temperature around the body.
5.blow when sleeping. If you blow fan all night when you are sleeping, it is easier for you to have nervous and internal secretion disorders, or muscle pain, and feel tired since the big temperature difference between windward side and leeside which damages the temperature regulation function. Besides, the function of all organs and immunity are at the lowest point when sleeping, so it is easier to catch diseases.

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