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Having Meal According to Your Food Clock

Just like that we have biological clock; food also has its own food clock. You can absorb more nutrition if you have food at the right time according to the food clock rhythm.
1.fruit juice: half an hour before meal or between two meals
You should have fruit juice half an hour before meal, or between two meals. This is because fruit juice contains rich organic acid which can help digest and promote the absorption of calcium, phosphorus.
2.milk: at dusk
From the perspective of digestion and absorption, milk is suitable to have at dusk. This is because protein in milk will be absorbed only after the decomposition through gastro and small intestine and formation of amino acid. And in the morning, it is easier to drain the gastro and intestine when your stomach is empty. Therefore, milk will be passed to the large intestine before absorption.
3.yogurt: 30 minutes to 2 hours later after meal
Generally speaking, 30 minutes to 2 hours later after meal is the best time to have yogurt. In normal condition, the pH value of gastric juice should be one to three. The pH value is below two when you are with an empty stomach at which time that is not suitable for the growth of activity lactobacillus in yogurt. Only when the pH value is high and the condition is suitable for the growth of activity lactobacillus, the yogurt is good to health. Two hours later after meal, the gastric juice has been diluted and the pH value climbs to 3 to 5 at which time you will get the best result if you have yogurt.
You must know that you cannot have yogurt with empty stomach.
4.have different fruits in different time
People always say that: “having n the morning is gold, silver at noon, and bronze at night.” The nutritionists think that this saying is of some point. It is because the glycogen supplies the brain has been consumed when people get up in the morning, so having fruit now can supplement sugar immediately. What’s more, all kinds of vitamin and nutrition are easier to be absorbed in the morning. However, the expert also points out that different fruit can have different effects when having it in different time.
Banana: it is rich in potassium and is beneficial for heart and muscle function. It also can help curing constipation, children diarrhea. It is suitable to have before meal.
Pineapple: fresh pineapple contains protease and it will hurt the gastro wall if you have it with an empty stomach. Some people even may be allergic. Therefore, pineapple should be eaten after meal.
Hawthorn: no matter it is fresh or finished product, hawthorn has the effect of disperse stasis, reduce phlegm and detoxify, remove heat, increase appetite. However, it cannot be eaten in the morning and people with gastritis or with too much gastric acid should have less.
Apple: golden apple in the morning, silver apple at noon and rotten apple at night. You had better have less food before sleep. It is because in the evening food cannot be absorbed timely and will affect the rest of gastro and intestines.

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