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Having Soup before Meal is better than a Good Prescription

Having soup before meal can help dilute and stir the food so as to promote the absorption and digestion of food, reduce the stimulation to gastrointestinal tract, and lower down the incidence of having gastrointestinal tract tumor.
The sentence of “having soup before meal is better than a good prescription” has got a point. This is because the way from mouth, throat, and esophagus to stomach is just like a passage where foods are destined to pass through. Having some soup (or some water) before meal equals to adding some “lubricant” to the digestive tract. It can help food swallow smoothly, prevent the dry or hard food from stimulating the digestive tract mucosa, protect the digestive tract and reduce the incidence of having digestive cancers.
During meal, having some soup in the middle way also is beneficial. It is because this can help dilute and stir food so as to absorb and digest food better. If you do not have soup or water before or during meal, you will feel thirsty because of the excessive fluid loss caused by mass secretion of gastric juice. And if you have water at this time, it will make the gastric juice light and affect the absorption and digestion of food. Therefore, the nutritionists think that keeping a habit of having soup or water before or during meal can help reduce the occurrence of esophagitis, gastritis, esophageal cancer, and gastro cancer. The nutritionists also found that people who have soup, milk, or soy bean milk have a better health condition.
It is different to have dry rice or steamed bread stirring with soup. It is because that chewing food usually is to swallow food smoother, and more importantly to wet the food with salvia. The salvia will dissolve as constant chewing and it contains many digestive enzymes which can help absorb, digest and detoxify. This is very beneficial to health. Soup with rice contains a lot of water which makes it easier to swallow, and people always swallow them directly without chewing. This will increase burden on stomach and may cause stomach problem, or even gastro cancer as time goes by. Therefore, you had better have rice with soup less.
Of course, having soup before meal is beneficial does not mean the more, the better. It is different according to different people and so you need to grasp the time when to have soup. Generally speaking, you had better have half a bowl soup before lunch or dinner; have a little bit more before breakfast since people lose a lot of water after a night’s sleep. The time to have soup had better be 20 minutes before the meal and you can have some soup slowly during your meal. In a word, having soup is based on the stomach comfort degree and never “guzzle” before or after meal.

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