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How Long Should You Change Your Commonly Used Tableware

Tableware is our old friend for living a life. Many people think that tableware does not need to be changed as long as it is still useful. Is this true? The famous environmentalist and food safety expert, the senior vice chairman of International Food Packaging Associate Dong Jinshi told the reporter of Life that tableware has a service life and overdue tableware should be changed timely.
Tableware made up of bamboo or wood should be changed every half a year. Bamboo tableware is very popular among consumers since it is natural and with no toxin. However, this kind of chopstick is easy to have bacteria and you may have intestines problems if you did not do disinfection in time. The service life of bamboo tableware is half a year to a year. Domestic chopsticks had better do disinfection once every week and then boil it with hot water for 30 minutes, or put it in the microwave oven for 2 to 3 minutes. The color of the end of bamboo chopstick will be darker as time goes by. Some family fry food with chopstick and the end of chopstick becomes black immediately. At this time, the strength of the chopstick has already been damaged and it is easier to go mouldy, fall pits or hide dirty. Some “painting chopsticks” contain heavy metal such as lead and chromium and it even have the risk of heavy metal poisoning or causing cancer after fried. Therefore, as long as your chopsticks crack, transform, discolor, you should not use it any more.
Plastic product should be changed once a year. It is quite common to see plastic product in table since it is light and portable. However, as long as they exceed the valid time, it may be brittle, aging and easier to dissolve harmful small molecules which is the dangerous stuff that induces cancer. If you find out that your plastic tableware has wounds, or the original smooth surface becomes rough, or have some stinky “plastic odor”, then you should change it immediately even if it has not been used for a year.
Metal product needs to be changed as long as there is wound. Many people think metal product is safe and can be used for a whole life. In fact, this is not true. Take the most common iron pan as an example. As long as the “cooking oil layer” that prevent from rusting falls off, the rust in pan will cause nausea, diarrhea, and bad appetite. Porcelain product is easier to have cracks, and substance like aluminum silicate covered on the porcelain product will seize the chance to go into the food. Stainless steel is made up of chromium-iron alloy with metals like nickel and molybdenum. These metals contain harmful ingredients to human body. So when you find that your metal tableware has scratch, cut or when the surface paint falls off, you should change it immediately.
Porcelain produce should be changed immediately as long as it has crack. The beautiful colored glaze in porcelain contains lead. The lead will squeeze out as long as there is a crack and then mix into the food. Therefore, porcelain tableware should be discarded immediately when it has cracks. The service life of tableware is closely connected with maintenance. As for porcelain or metal tableware, we can prolong its life through careful maintenance. However, you should discard it immediately as long as there is crack, transformation and falling-off. Never “waste” your life for one time “saving”.

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