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How to Distinguish between Real Tomatoes and Ripen Tomatoes

One of out readers, Mr Wang, said that he bought a pocket of tomatoes in the vegetable market. These tomatoes were still fresh ten days later in the room temperature. Mr Wang suspected that these tomatoes have been sprayed with red pigment and he worried that having these tomatoes would harm the health, so he stopped having them immediately. Mr Wang also said that all those tomatoes are plump with bright red, but the pulp was bluish-white when cutting up and tasted insipid.
According to the data, the main ingredients of red pigment is ethylene which can promote the fruit mature or make the plant have fruit early, increase production, and improve quality. This kind of ingredient has been used widely among the plantation of banana, pineapple, peach, pear, apple, tomato, watermelon and rubber tree. During the ripen process, the vitamin and trace element in plant will be damaged. What is worse, too much red pigment will harm human body, causing symptoms like nausea, vomit, diarrhea, and lose one’s voice. Having plant with red pigment for a long time may cause liver, kidney or brain damage.
Then, how to distinguish? Ripen tomato mainly comes to the market out of season. Ripen tomato is red no matter how big it is and feels very hard with polyhedral appearance; the natural mature tomato has some green color on the bottom of tomato and feels softer with smooth and evasive appearance. The most direct way is to tear the tomato into two halves. The tomato seed of natural mature one is khaki and the pulp is red, juicy; the ripen tomato always with red peel, green seeds or no seed at all and the pulp with no juice and dust. Natural mature tomato tastes good with sour and sweet flavors while ripen tomato tastes tart without sour or sweet flavor.

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