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“Small” Movements Help Health Care

Stressful work and huge pressure make those office workers always feel tired. In fact, you do not need to got to the gym to do exercise, you can health care through “small” movements.
Blink eyes to health care eyes. Working long time in front of computer with eyes staring all the time will damage eyesight significantly. Therefore, you can try to “discharge” around every half an hour, do some small movements similar to glad eyes, or blind eyes to promote tear film spreading around the cornea surface so as to protect cornea and maintain eyes wet. Or you can adopt the most traditional method to do eye exercises for five or six minutes which also can relieve eye strain immediately.
Lingual root movement helps absorption. Always exercising your tongue can strengthening the function of all organs, help digest and absorb food, strengthening health and delay aging. It can not only help relieve diseases like hypertension, brain infarction, and senile dementia, but also can reduce the possibility of having oral disease. During the leisure time of your work, do it once in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. There are three movements you can try.
1.Stretch your tongue. Sit up quietly with your eyes half closed; open your moth slightly; try to stretch your tongue and then retract it; do this for 10 to 20 times. This movement can nourish your face by taking advantage of your five internal organs.
2.Snake vomit the core. Stretch your tongue and then sway it for 10 to 20 times like the snake vomiting core.
3.Stir the lingual root. Stir your lingual both clockwise and counter clock wise for 10 to 20 times.
These movements can exercise oral muscles and they also can cure your snoring if you insist doing them.
Toe movements can strengthen stomach. The viscera of human body all have corresponding acupuncture points. The second and third toes of human body are connected with gastro and intestines. Therefore, exercise them often can strengthen the stomach. The method is very simple and there are several common and effective methods as following.
Toe scratching the floor. Both stand and sit positions are ok. Put your feel flat closely attach the floor; open them the same width as the shoulder, focus and scratch the floor with toes continuously for 60 to 90 times. When doing this movement, you can wear flats or with bare feet. Repeat this movement for many times every day.
Pull toes. Pull the toes up and down toward repeatedly when at rest, collaborating with massage the chambers hole between the second and third toes. As for indigestion, bad breath and constipation, you can massage this acupuncture point along the line of toes so as to purge out the stomach fire; as for people who have weak spleen and stomach, or have diarrhea, or catch a cold or have stomach after having cold food, you can massage this acupuncture point go against the line of toes.
It is sure that only by insisting on doing these movements can you get the effect.

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