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Standard for Choosing Healthy Weight-loss Food

Many girls who do not like exercise or do not have spirit to exercise will choose to lose weight through dieting. Here is a competition between all kinds of food in daily life. Fruit juice and fruit, which is better for losing weight?
Food PK! How to choose right weight-loss food
1. milk VS yogurt
Choice: yogurt
Yogurt contains the nutrients in milk and also contains the lactic acid bacteria that can help digest. So it is better than milk as for losing weight.
2. coffee VS tea
Choice: tea
Choose tea with black or green color. According to the research, people with long-term habit of having tea (at least once in a week for over half a year) have less fat as well as less fat on abdomen than those who do not have tea. What’s more, as time goes by, this effect will be more and more obvious.
3. fresh fish VS canned fish
Choice: fresh fish
A can of tuna fresh kept by edible oil has 275 calories, but it only has 150 calories if the fish was fresh.
4. Strawberry VS blueberry
Choice: blueberry
Of course, you are suggested to have both strawberry and blueberry since they all can help lose weight.
However, as for nutritious value, blueberry is better. Blueberry contains 4 times of cellulose than strawberry and natural sugar, vitamin E.
Related Entries: according to the analysis of Tufts University, there are 20 kinds of vegetable and fruit with antioxidant effect while the anthocyanin content ranks the first. The richest part that contains anthocayanin is in the bluish violet peel. According to the research, anthocayanin is the most effective antioxidant so far for human being which has ten times or even higher than VE, vitamin VC. The difference between it and other antioxidant is that it can protect the brain and nerve system directly through blood brain barrier. According to the research result of many countries like America and Japan, frequent eating blueberry or blueberry product can increase eye sight obviously and remove eyestrain, nourish skin, prevent from senile dementia, increase heart function, resist atherosclerosis, reduce blood viscosity and resist the formation of thrombus.
fresh fruit VS dried fruit
Choice: fresh fruit
The freshest fruit contains over 80% water and has lower heat than dried fruit. 25 grams of dried fruit contains about 100 to 200calories, such as almond, cashew nut, and walnut. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the amount or else you will have a lot of calories unconsciously.
fruit juice VS fruit
Choice: fruit
A normal orange contains 60 calories, while a glass of orange juice contains 110 calories. Therefore, having fresh fruit can help reduce the absorption of heat.
7. Broccoli VS cauliflower
Choice: broccoli
Both broccoli and cauliflower are most nutritious vegetables. However, a research in Japan concludes that the average nutritional value and the effect of prevention disease of broccoli exceed other vegetables and rank the first.
Tips: carrot and broccoli can not be eaten when they are raw
salad vegetable VS fried vegetable
Choice: salad vegetable
Although vegetable has low heat density, the result will be totally different with different cooking methods. You need to add about 30 grams of cooking oil when fry a dish, while you only need to add 3 to 5 grams of seasoning oil when salad it. Therefore, salad vegetable is much beneficial for losing weight.
soup VS salad
Choice: salad
Many kinds of soup are very healthy, but the nutrients will be less during cooking. You have to know that do not add too much high heat sauce when eating salad which will increase the absorption of calories.
fresh tomato VS tomato paste
Choice: tomato paste
Tomato is one of the common vegetables in our daily life and the best health care product in many people. Tomato paste is made of tomato which can remove heat and diuretic and if low heat nutritious vegetable. It can help lose weight. In comparison with tomato, condensed tomato pasta has more lycopene.

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