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The Six Most Obscure Long-life Food

Although delicacies are very delicious, they may not be healthy. In the thousands of years traditional dieting of china, our ancestors left some local food which is obscure but can help live longer.
1.Pine nut can clear intestines and nourish skin.
Pine nut which looks like pearl has been used widely in the traditional dieting. It has been regarded to have the effect of nourishing and strengthening. The rich oil ingredient of pine nut not only can help defecate, but also can nourish skin. meanwhile, pine nut is the source of high quality oil with monounsaturated fat acid and can relive inflammation reaction.
How to eat: pine nut is with high calorie and so you only need to scratch a little and spread it on the dishes.
2.Garlic can diminish inflammation and kill bacteria.
In the times when there were no antibiotics, the garlic played the role of saving life. In the ancient times, when marching, the soldiers had to take slat and garlic with them. The salt was used to supplement mineral and the garlic was used to kill bacteria and prevent disease. In recent times, garlic has been found that it can also lower the cholesterol. But the garlic is quite stimulating and so people with gastritis, throat pain, piles, red eyes, and acnes should not have garlic.
How to eat: you should avoid having garlic with empty stomach. It can be used to cook, fry or do salad to reduce its spicy stimulation. It also can be collaborated with noodles and dumplings which would not hurt the stomach.
3.Cabbage can stop coughing, reduce phlegm and anti cancer.
In winter, all the things are withering, but cabbage is green as pine tree and so is quite popular among people. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, cabbage can be used to remove fever, clear heat, stop coughing and reduce phlegm. The modern science found that cabbage is nutritious with various types and so you can eat it all the year around. It is the most popular anti cancer star. Winter is the good season to have cabbage; cabbage is rich in fiber and vitamin C which can supplement the insufficiency of vegetable and fruit. But people with weak quality are not suitable to have cold cabbage, such as pickles.
How to eat: when eating hot pot, do not forget to add more cabbage to relieve heat.
4.Porridge can protect stomach and supplement qi.
During the cook of porridge, it has already released the effective ingredients into the soup. Therefore, it is easier to be absorbed and is suitable for people with bad appetite and weak quality. The dietary therapy effect of porridge is changeable. Onion porridge can kill bacteria, celery porridge can make you relieve yourself smoothly, and add some onion in the porridge can prevent from cold. In addition, porridge also can assist the medicine to develop better, such as almond, poria cocos. These Chinese medicines must be had with porridge and so keep the medicine effect and long.
How to eat: hot porridge is the best and collaborates with meat soup, vegetable soup or cook porridge with vegetable. This can absorb the essence at a time.
5.Sea tangle can help relieve oneself and would not cause fat.
Sea tangle has little heat and is full of colloid and minerals which is very suitable for modern people to beautify and keep health. Sea tangle is rich in soluble fiber which is much easier than normal fibers. It can help relieve oneself. The biggest advantage of sea tangle is that it has low heat and you do not have to worry about being fat when eating it at night. So, it is more suitable for female.
How to eat: sea tangle had better be collaborated with vinegar. Vinegar can soften sea tangle and so you can try to salad it with vinegar. Sea tangle soup with ice can make the sour flavor more obvious and fresher.
6.Buckwheat can lower pressure and help sleep.
Buckwheat contains strong antioxidants which can reduce lipid, increase blood vessel flexibility, and prevent blood from condensing. It is very good food that can protect heart. In addition, it also has good effects of lower blood pressure and help sleep. Buckwheat also is a good large intestine cleaner with six times higher fiber than usual rice. Therefore it has the name of “intestinal cleaner”.
How to eat: you can salad it or make soup. You also can cook it with rice or make porridge.

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